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STC Black Cup 2011 - SKINNING PACK

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    find in this thread the skinning material to start painting your team Doran JE4. The pack includes the numberplates of the current teams, the car template and the car render scene. Remember it is exclusive STC material.

    FIND THE PACK HERE: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FKD9JJPT

    I hope to see really cool models for this seasson with all the diferent coulours, sponsors, etc.

    IMPORTANT!!! FIND HERE THE NEW BLUE CUP 2011 NUMBERPLATES. *The STC logos in the ZIP are mandatory and you have to add 3 in the car. The numberplate size can´t be changed, but it can be adapted to the car so little modifications can be done.


    * NOTE: If we prove on next tests the multislot patch works fine, possibly 2 more teams will join us. Numberplates for that teams will be delivered via email.
  2. May I ask who those teams might be? I am curiuos :D

    Oh, and good luck to all the skinners!
  3. I don´t want to share names until it is official they can join us.

  4. Can number plates be made smaller to miss that annoying strip that goes in along the side? Makes the skin look bad in my eyes with the number plate dipping into it :redface:
  5. Not really, numberplates size can´t be changed, but you can cut and add a bit more hight to the plate so you avoid the line.
  6. ah that will work :)
  7. How can we edit the windows? Is it the same way as the previous STC Mod? (with the WDET.dds)

    Edit: I have found, sorry. It's most easy now, you have just to copy-paste the modified "DJE4_WINDOWS.dds" into the data folder (and add the same number as your ".car" file used for your skin, in front of the file name. For example "06001_DJE4_WINDOWS.dds").
  8. Just get rid of the Ford logo :D
  9. Jarrod is all ready working hard on our skin.

    What files should be included in skins (DDS, INI, xxxx) ?.
    Is there example of INI files if one is needed ?.

  10. There is a way to have different color for each rim?
  11. I am not sure Gregory, sorry.
  12. yup, the car isn't exactly a beauty and that logo really is soooo out of bounds, plz all skinners: kill it!
  13. Already killed for us :p
  14. IMPORTANT: Remember you have to create 2 cars per team with small diferences between them as the mirror or banner colours.
  15. REMEMBER: Every team needs to have 2 cars in his team folder with some diferences from one to the other. Diferences such as the banner colours, or whatever you feel right, even make the cars with bigger diferences like diferent secondary colours, or same paint scheme on diferent colours.
  16. Hey David do you have any bigger versions of the STC logo files posted here? I want to put a big STC on the roof, but the file is too small to enlarge without it pixelating.
  17. Oh also do you have a nice gamehoster logo aswell? I have one from a pack you did a few seasons ago but its very small. I dont want to make it too big as they are not our sponsor but a bit of a bigger file will help for what I want to do with it.
  18. I have next... I guess they are a good size. :tongue:

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  19. not sure they will be big enough, thanks anyway though.........;)
  20. September 1 and only 6 teams sent their skins.
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