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STC Black Cup 2010 - Skinning Contest

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    I can finally announce the STC Black Cup Skining Contest, so I will post the details here about what and how to do your work.

    MATERIAL PACK - To get the necesary material to compete on the contest ask your team spokesman to grant you the links we have posted on the private STC WAR forum* (only STC teams can participate in the contest). In that pack you have to download you will find a detailed explanation about what to do and where to send your completed work. * links to already posted soon on STC WAR forum, ask your team spokesman.

    CATEGORIES - Two categories will be opened in the skinning contest, first will be THE BEST SKIN, and second one will be THE BEST CREATIVE PIC. In the best skin contest we will evaluate the quality or design of each team skin. In the best creative picture we will vote for the best creative picture where the designer have to add a 3D render of the car on a real picture.

    WHO WILL VOTE? - Every person registered on RaceDepartment.com will be able to vote on each car at least in three diferent cars on each cathegory.

    PRIZES - The winning designer of each cathegory will get three STC T-Shirts to be sent wherever he wants (team mates maybe? :tongue:).

    We will re open the thread as soon as we reach the deadline and then we will post all the material and the diferent polls.



    NOTE: If you have any question about the contest, post it HERE.

    Gubbklubben.se - RECEIVED
    Roaring Pipes Maniacs - RECEIVED
    Flying Dutchman Racing - RECEIVED
    The Black Rebels - RECEIVED
    Motor AG - RECEIVED
    Black Visor Motorsport - NOT RECEIVED
    Project D - RECEIVED
    Blue Flag Racing - RECEIVED
    FlatOut Club - RECEIVED
    FlatOut Racing - RECEIVED
    Corse Online - RECEIVED
    AnE Racing - NOT RECEIVED
    Torrent Motorsports - NOT RECEIVED
  2. First post updated! (team names aswell!!!)

  3. OK, everything ready. Just one extra day for the delayed teams and we will start the contest polls!
  4. 3 teams still remaining but... what a cars, what a seasson. OUTSTANDING
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.