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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    this next seasson we will have a STC skinning contest, so all the licensed teams will have to present his STC seasson racing car the painter to the contest. The result will be a Race Department public poll in the STC General Forum during a week after the skinns relelease. The painter will get an STC Official TShirt as a prize and the recognition of his RD collegues.

    Stay tunned! :D
  2. Great news!
  3. Anyone know where i can find a 3d scene for the Doran JE4 (i know it's early, but i should be very busy this summer) So if i can start early it should be fine :)
  4. can two skinners participate from one team? Or does it have to be the official team skin?
  5. @ Eckhart: Official team skin, but if 2 persons work in one car, then we can consider 2 painters. No more than 2 painters per car then.

    @ Greg: I will release the 3D Scene and the Template during next days.
  6. :wink:
  7. The poster is ready, only some details have to be clear and I will open the official thread...

  8. Nice poster David :wink:
  9. Yeah, good "old school" poster :cool:

    PS : A car skin like this way could be quite nice ;)
  10. Have you already an idea about how to present our livery? I mean we will be free to present our car (render scene) or restricted to the game screenshot (like as the Real time Racing skin contest)?
  11. yep, look at Warhols Art Car for BMW, a BMW M1 which raced at LeMans in the late 70s.
  12. I will open the official thread soon... all the rules will be posted there. :)
  13. if a class of 6yr old kids had painted it it would be fine, maybe thats whta he was thinking when he painted it :wink:

    on the other hand this years car by Jeff Koons is a work of art :D

    and even better at night

  14. That GT2 sticker at the back of the BMW gave me an idea... :tongue:
  15. thx for the art lesson Nigel :) If I remember correctly, Warhol did the job in 76 minutes saying that he wanted to have "speed" as the overriding topic. It's an interesting idea, because everybiody thought he would be doing something along the lines of his usual, more print centred work. He surprised them all by choosing not to print or use technological help but rather to treat the surface of the BMW like one would treat a canvas. I would love to see one or more of our skinners here going to the BMW art car pages and take a cue from there, I think most of them were really great, there were one or two lame ones in the 90s if I remember correctly and a fantastic "ice car" by that concept artist from Iceland.
  16. well he spent most his life doing things other people never dreamed of, i`ve watched a couple of documentries about him. yeah they realy now how to skin a car do BMW :D
  17. I am on it guys, the thread will be open soon, as soon as we have all the seasson and MOD stuff ready. :)
  18. Great idea. Let's be a Bob Ross all.
  19. Any chance of an X-file instead of the 3d scenes pls (so I can see it in right hemisphere) ... I don't have 3dsmax and the only time I played with it I decided that life is just too short!? :D
    Also ... do you have the details of the ini files for this so we can see it in game?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.