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STC Black Cup 2010 - MOD V2

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    this is the updated version of the STC Black Cup 2010 MOD. Includes next 2.0 Requested updates:

    1. Lacetti TV Car naming.
    2. Doran Engine cooling tweaked
    3. New Wiper
    4. Added rear view center mirror
    5. Added rear running lights


    It also includes the last year tyre MOD and updated sounds as you already saw in the previous release.

    We need to find out how the tyre performance is on this car, so for next test races I will contact some teams to make the tyre testing. We should be able to grant a good tyre MOD to start the seasson, and even with that we can keep on updating it during the seasson as the real tyre suppliers does.

    Find the updated MOD here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8XAXV640

    Please post your feedback on this thread.

  2. Great guys. Nice and fast. :)
  3. downloading atm, looking forward to my first laps.
  4. Thx, perfect. Gives us enough time to sort it out.
  5. did 10 laps offline and everything works nicely here. Great fun to play, feels somehow like domesticated Caterhams (I know people will kill me for that), probably because of the simulated downforce. You can do a nice smooth ride but need to be very exact with turning in and especially powering out of the more narrow turns, where the rear can come round quite easily. Breaks can be shockingly poor, especially if something happens right in front of your nose it feels like pressing down hard on a bag of feathers, not much happening initially. Love 'em. A whole field of AI looked great in the replay.
  6. I have just finished testing the latest version and the updates are great. New wiper looks better but I'm yet to try it in rain and cockpit rear view tv screen is great. I didn't really notice and difference in car sounds though.

    There is a issue though, if you select all three cars when setting up server it will appear as "Custom" when you try to join and won't let you enter. Putting it back to just allowing the Doran seems to work so I'm guessing theres still a naming issue with the Chevy.

    I'm off to bed now :)
  7. Are you sure you havn't got anything else chosen on the server that isn't installed on your PC ?
    As i remember it giving Unkown when the chevy was selected before.

    I tried yesterday with all selected on the server and i could enter with the Doran and the chevy. On the lobby it was giving the mod name.
    So here it works fine.
  8. Same here, it works fine to me and now Chevy is ok... it is weird, but we need to sort it outbefore the race.

    Car sounds are the same as we think it is really close to the real car sounds.
  9. Well I'm pretty sure i don't have some file then, my EVO is pretty much a clean install so it can't be some dodgy mod or something causing it.
  10. Hi mates :), our team had installed the new mod just yesterday night, we tried the STC server but (custom on the lobby) we can't join it.

    In our server no problem to join it.

    Just a question, the server is running with MOD V2?

    Regarding the car it seems good, I agree with Eckhard "need to be very exact with turning in and especially powering out of the more narrow turns, where the rear can come round quite easily".

    About the soft tires, I noticed need some laps to keep the feeling.


    I read that probably we have to remouve the STC folder, under the Teams folder, before to install the new mod.
  11. I think the tyres drop of abit to early, Engine wear is nothing atm.. I did 1h, and my engine was still 100%..

    Cutting... I hope its just this track, but T1 is ridicules, u go 1mm too wide, and u get a warning.
    U can miss the apex badly, run wide because of it, and get a warning, without gaining any time, u probably loose more.
  12. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Well, no the best way to start your participation in the forum to be honest :)

    And about the quoted sentence, considering what happened the first time Torrent joined STC is not the most prudent thing to say I think...
  13. Apart of it, I would consider separating the MOD feedback from the race report Rickard. I would appreciate if you could edit it if you don´t mind.
  14. Like i was in TMo the first time they joined?... And why bring up the past? I dont think that many from 1-2 years ago is still in TMo, Simon cleaned it up pretty well.

    And David, i didnt post it on the "public" section, because then it normaly gets out of control. And i think its a admin thing to work on getting the racing cleaner!

    I will delete my "Race report" David, but the rest will stay!
  15. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    You are represneting your team, I don't know if you were at that time or not.

    I don't think is correct to threaten with quit the competition because you had an accident in a test race, were people is getting in contact with the car and over all, was scheduled to test the mod and the technical part, but nevermind.

  16. Its still racing, and im not threatening anyone. Its the truth, dosnt mather if its a test race or not, same racing rules should be /is applied..

    Now its seems like i was invinsible for some, Thats a intresting part by itself.. Any idea why ? I used default car.
  17. OK, but relax mate.:tongue: I was meaning edit it and let here the MOD feedback, and HERE the race report. If you check the Race thread, Andreas Loffler was already asking for being excused for his mistakes and for the damaged he may have caused. I think you are not really awared of the STC racing standards.

    As for what Xosé said, you can´t say in your first post in the Team Spokesman zone "I hope this wont happend in the actuall season, or im gone faster then i joined!" because it sounded really bad and it bringed some ghosts from the past. If you don´t want us to thnk about the past, just don´t point us there, that´s all.

    Let´s have a cool athmosphere and let´s find the correct words to explain ourself in a good mood, please.
  18. 1) I noticed Lofflers excuse after i posted.
    2) This wasnt my first post in the "Team Spokesman zone", i actually posted some feedback about the mod earlyer :tongue:
  19. My fault then... :tongue:

    I have already contacted the modding team about the engine wear, it should be fixed for next week´s test race.
  20. Heres a few things i found out from last night

    • Brakes are useless on first lap, drivers will have to be allowed to accelerate and brake to get heat into them on the formation lap.
    • Engine life is maybe not enough now, i only lost 1% on the engine and i was over revving a lot when the tyres died to slow down.
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