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Stayin alive!

Discussion in 'GTR 3' started by Boby Kim, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Bee gees: this topic must stay alive! Im still hoping! That glass is half full :)
    GeeteeRThreee, where r u?
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  2. I am curious as to what you would expect GTR3 to be?

    The FIA GT championship is no more, so GTR3 can't be an FIA GT sim. Simbin have licensed the ADAC GT championship. You could consider this GTR3 when AI and MP are added to R3E.
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  3. Didn't SimBin come out and say that the release of R3E would not affect GTR3?
    Things may have changed since then though, would be nice to get some official word on it but I'm not holding my breath :p
    Besides, I'm now heavily invested in R3E so I'm fine with no new title being released, just fix that one instead ^^
  4. Simbin is building a good working sim base with R3E and features will be added step by step.
    I think, it wouldn't make much sense for Simbin to invest time and money in a second product like GTR3. With all the licensed GT cars and upcoming GT Masters Experience, R3E will just become GTR3. I see nothing what GTR3 could add to that. Of course .... some of us would like to see a standalone game without these R3E microtransactions, but at the end i see not much difference money-wise between the actual R3E business model and a fullprice game with some DLC's added. ;)
  5. The difference is that with GTR3 they are not in any way linked to Raceroom as a publisher (at least they haven't been in previous versions), so they are more free to develop the game the way the see it fit.
    I reckon that a lot of the "weird" decisions SimBin fans have questioned about R3E came from decisions made over at Raceroom, not SimBin. Things like the huge corner markers and launching without any Multiplayer to mention a few.
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  6. I think, this is what actually happens now with R3E.

    I'll just quote Marcus Reynolds from Simbin:
    "The fact is R3E was trying to appeal to the mass market, and thus some compromises rightly or wrongly were made, all those negative feelings you felt before I hope you will feel are being reversed in the new content, and the older content once we have a chance to revisit them, all of the "Sim" aspect is being dumped back in piece by piece now that we have been told we can go back to what we used to do best, ie a more proper racing game."

    BTW .... just guessing, even for a GTR3, Raceroom would be the publisher. You see it in all of the latest stuff before R3E, e.g. all the Race07 "DLC's" and also Raceroom The Game. ;)
  7. Awesome quote there, mind sharing the source? :)
    Have high hopes for the future of R3E, it's been shaping up real nicely lately!
    If only they'd add something similar to Safety Rating at the very least, and preferably something like iRating as well along with frequent online races going on then it'd be awesome, but that's asking much I guess. :)
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  8. Awesome Frank, thanks a ton :)
    Now I'm all giddy about the future of R3E :p
  9. Simbin and RaceRoom are owned by the same person. The owner of RaceRoom is CEO of Simbin. Simbin can't be independent of RaceRoom. It is of course quite possible that the CEO has changed his mind about the direction to head in.
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  10. Ahh I had no idea, thanks for enlightening me!
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  12. I wish I knew how to delete posts :redface:...
  13. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-10-24-raceroom-is-the-best-racing-game-youve-never-heard-of
  14. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Simbin...i really....really miss you:cry:...you cant imagne how much i hoped for GTR3.
    Now that you dont exist anymore...GTR3 is a closed chapter im affraid. We wil never see a GTR2 successor im afraid. GTR 2, the racesim were brakeductsize mattered, the sim with amazing car physics and FFB, 24 hour clock, weather, decent AI, nice GT car field and tracks. Very nice driving school.
    Its gone...
    "Put the needle off the record...no more stayin alive. We moved over to Prince "Sometimes it snows in april".