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Status update on PlayStation Network and Qriocity

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    As most of you PlayStation 3 users will know by now the PlayStation Network & Qriocity services have been hacked this week. There is a big chance that personal data of registered account holders have been obtained by these malicious actions. The services should be (partly) resumed within a week from now according to the official PlayStation Blog.
    The following statement has been addressed to all PSN and Qriocity users:

    On the fly updates can be expected via the PlayStation blog here
  2. i can't believe it, lots of bad ppl hacking big networks...
  3. I think Sony has really let us down by not looking after our data properly.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Yeah, I just went out shopping with your creditcard details Chris :thumb:
  5. Jon Turner

    Jon Turner
    Premium Member

    possible huge fine for Sony because of data protection failure, there was something in the news not long ago about some anti piracy law firm who got hacked and then fined for not securing their data correctly.
    i think 77 million accounts is a bit of a big deal to slip under the radar.
  6. I contacted my bank today who along with many others are in contact with Sony about this issue. My bank even has a team now set up for customers like me ringing in asking for advice. They told me I didn't need to cancel my card unless I really felt compelled to do so and that as my details were not leaked by me but a third party that any fraudulent activity would be covered by them. Sony also confirmed that the 3 digit security number on the back of credit and debit cards was not accessible to the hackers so for the purposes of fraud it would be difficult without that number.

    Its still a very worrying breach of security but Sony has made itself a target for its stance on hacking its Playstation 3 console and if hackers can get into NASA then they will break into systems like the Playstation network.

    I'm not going to makes excuses for Sony, its a huge breach of their security but I'm not going to go into an hysterical overflow like some of the media outlets seem to do with an attitude along the lines of:

  7. Hmmmm, I seem to remember, not too long ago, being marked as paranoid because of my stance against the collecting of personal data by game companies....
  8. It's a service that's been attacked Paul just as any service you use could be such as your mobile phone provider, internet provider, gas, electricity suppliers etc. Sony dont ask for anything more than those services ask for.
  9. Haha you just made me laugh so hard milk just came out my nose!
  10. The service was only hacked because the ps3 itself was hacked. It allowed people to access functions within the ps3 that are normally limited to development use. The network was open to attack due to this, as anything on the development network is trusted (at least it was until the PS3 was hacked). It's dubious if Sony are liable for any losses as it's not like any previous examples.
  11. Imo those hackers should go to jail for 4 life times (100 years) because this is the same as stealing a 1 billion boat. Imagen just how much money this hackers can steal with all this bank account informations (if they now have all needed numbers).

    I know internet is an evil place worse then the real world but I just won't accept that people want to ruin my time (or even your time) to play video games online with my (or your) friends. This goes also with hacking games to cheat because then there is no point in using a PS3, Xbox, PC, etc. to play games.

    I hope PSN will find this hackers (if it really is hackers and not some media trick to draw attention) with alot of evidence to put them in jail.
  12. Hi Rob,
    they are liable, as the hack could only have been accomplished because Sony had left a way into their system. If they had the brains they were born with, they would have made the PS3 a drone machine. In otherwords, all the things you can access via the PS3 (because it is all onboard) would have been at their end only (Cloud system).

    Here's a prediction; Sony will bend over backwards denying any wrong doing......remember the rootkit fiasco?
    And the EU will drop the hammer on them for not encrypting users information. As they have with UK councils. This they won't be able to get out of. As they have already admitted to it.....allegedly!
  13. what people thinks is only in doing lots of bad things without thinking in the others
  14. Exactly my point, well put Tony. :)
  15. There is always a way into every system. There is only so much you can do to stop such scenarios. Unfortunately for Sony, a scenario that should have been impossible was made possible. I Know it's a totally different scale, but if the server that hosts the Race Department site was accessed. The chances of some people using the same email and password for paypal accounts are surprisingly high. Would race department be held responsible? Or the hosting company? Previous incidents where companies have been fined were due to major wrong doings and negligence to data protection standards. Sony will have done everything by the letter. Their biggest issue is that they knew for a long time that the PS3 had been compromised. They either didn't realise the implications, or did nothing. That's where they can be held liable, and it's not black and white.
  16. 3 digits gives a change of 1 out of 1000.
    So, if out of 70 million users 20 million shared their Creditcard with Sony, and they'll use code 765 on every card there's a change they can use something like 20,000 credit cards with that code..
    And if they try another time but now with code 439 they'll get another 20,000 cards..

    Which is 40,000 cards. Rip off $1500 from each = $60 million in the pocket..

    And if you have 3 tries with inserting that code you got 60,000 cards and $90 million in the pocket..

    A life time is a life time sentence in my country. No possibility for parole..
    So if you get it when you're 20, you'll leave prison when you're dead..
  17. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sounds excellent to me :thumb:

    FYI: only a handful of convicted people have such a sentence in The Netherlands.

    Normally the punishments here are a joke. If you shoot somebody you just say "sorry" to the judge and make a drawing of him and you are free to go :)
  18. ive got doubts: where are this hackers from? how did they entered into the system of psn? why they did it?(for money, i know... but i need other reason) will the gt academy make a replace on the limit of time? can the ppl of psn make it never happen again???
  19. If you guy's wish to follow this story then please visit this thread for the latest, im following this story closely, as a staff member im liable to report it :D

    Check out the latest here - http://bit.ly/jPzGXd (don't worry it's RD's Sister site)

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