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Starting up a team.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Sportified, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    First of all a short introduction. We are Sportified, two multimedia students from the Netherlands. We make websites for professional athletes. Besides being true sports fans we also love to play simracing games. About a week ago we first heard about the existence of FSR leagues. We will compete in the World Trophy or Series soon in the future. In the future indeed because we both, unfortunately, have a broken wheel at the moment...

    But because we really like the whole FSR concept we would already like to start up a team - maybe even two, one in the World Trophy and World Series - as a sort of sponsoring to the league for the new 2013 season. Is it possible to only submit a team without drivers so we can give talented simracers the opportunity to compete in your leagues?

    We also can't seem to find a post or page on the website which describes the roles of a teammanager. What is it that we need to do to run a team besides paying the fee and setting up our team within the FSR mod?

    We hope we made ourselves clear!

    Thanks in advantage,

    Thom & Stefan | Sportified.
  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Best of luck guys. :)

    The team managing options are found from the FSR's GPCOS site here.
  3. Thanks RandomnessInside for the reply and link! The GPCOS site seems te be a little outdated? For example the page that should link to a 'Getting started' guide is off air... Is there another page that has the same information on it?

    Thanks in advantage!
  4. Here we are again!

    Is someone able to answer our questions from the top post? Or point us in a direction were to find the right information?

    Thanks in advantage!
  5. Sorry Ville Leppala, but those pages can not help us. We already read them. We need to know if it is possible to only register as a team without drivers and what a manager exactly needs to manage.

    Thanks anyway!
  6. Atleast in WT you can register just a team without drivers, not sure about WS tho. Maybe some one whos an actual team manager should answer to that last part. :)
  7. You always need drivers. The team manager the only thing that needs to do is to pay the team license, after that it's up to you what to do with your team :)

    Anyway the registration process is closed at the moment, will be open in a few days most probably.

    Edit: If I wasn't clear: every driver needs a license, so you can't "buy 2 licenses" and put 20 different drivers during the season.
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  8. That is what we were looking for! Thanks both. So you CAN register a team only - at least in WS - so we can, to begin with, invite drivers into our team and add our own driver licenses later.