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Starting Techniques

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. G'Day guys,
    I'm back from holidays and ready to hop back on to the RACE learning curve again. Looks like you have had some top racing lately. I downloaded the replays from the last couple of MINI tourneys and one thing that impressed me was how well everybody skipped off the line at the start. I'm pretty hopeless and seem to bog down with too much wheelspin. My technique is to use auto clutch mode, but still depress the clutch whilst in 1st gear, hold about 3000 - 4000 rpm, and drop the clutch at flagfall, often in a cloud of smoke.
    I was hoping some of you "experts" might like to share any starting tips for us newbies?

  2. I dont use clutch for starting, however i have, and maybe with practise it could be a better way...

    For now i rev the engine in neutral, with accelerator at around 80% pressed, then drop to 1st gear when red light goes out, and try to play with the accelerator after, to have max. speed off the line between wheelspin and engine goes dead situation... lol
  3. I do use clutch :). Before the lights turn out I'm at about 3000 revs. When they're turning out, I'm giving full thottle for an instant, to get a little wheelspin, and lift my foot about 40%, until the engine drops back to 5000 revs and my tyres get grip again. Now it should be possible to press the pedal down, without causing wheelspin.
  4. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    When Lights go out Go to 1st Gear Hit rev limiter then loosen off the throttle and its all done :)
  5. I like to give my fans (*bows*) something good to look at - I stick 'er in 1st gear with full clutch and full revs, concentrating on releasing the clutch as quickly as possible after the red lights go out.
    Seems to work well - I normally start quicker than most people, and a bit o' wheelspin never hurt anyone. warms up the tires nicely for the first few corners!
    After some practice you learn to judge the length of time it takes for the lights to go out - and quicken your reaction time.
  6. rpmlimit then i just put first gear in.. very often i accelerate som 8th to 2nd to first corner.. maybe because i got a RWD but not sure :) haha
  7. yeah, the BMW-s are much faster at the start because of the RWD.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    This is my "fabulous" technic:

    Rev up to the max in neutral! When the red light dies i shift in to 1st gear, causing huge wheelspin and dito smoke!
    Then try to avoid that your slow vehicle gets hit by others who started faster (all)
    Hope it works for you :)
  9. that is at the core of my starting technique as well. i just sit idle because i don't believe in revving your engine, waste of fuel hehe.
    besides i am much too nervous for jimbobs fancy technique. when the red lights fade i am way too excited to do anything but step on the pedal trying to avoid total spin but also trying to have some, because i have never found grip without at least a little spin.
    as it goes, i usually drop four places at the start, so do not follow my advice. :-#
  10. hehe not technic trying to do as small wheelspin as possible
  11. Thanks for the info guys, most helpful. Nice to see that I have already mastered the Stig and Evonglan technique, but I guess I'd better put in some practice at avoiding the smokey camoflage method.
  12. Whehee :)

    You one step closer to your destiny!
  13. Actually I'm now several steps closer.
    I spent some time today getting experience on the RPM public server today, and what an experience it was. Learned all about the crash em up derby's, got much more familiar with the sand traps than normal, but it was all good for me (at the moment). One hilarious event at Istanbul where one knucklehead took out most of the field at turn 1, drove me into the wall as I was overtaking him heading to the finish line (he actually passed through the wall as he herded me over), and initiated (unsuccessfully) a vote to kick out the winner of race 1 because he was (quote) "too fast". He also smart mouthed me after driving me into the wall. At least you guys had warned me about this stuff, so no big deal.
    Finally found a race with the quick guys at Valencia and had my butt kicked (literally into the sand in both races) but by the end I was getting a little more comfortable. All good for the learning curve and a lot of fun. My starting has improved!!
    I'm still not sure how to communicate (chat) with others so they may have found me a bit quiet. More to learn yet before I can feel comfortable in your tournaments.
    Is there particular times when you guys have "friendly" races on the public or closed servers ? I might have to rearrange my sleeping times to fit in occasionally.
  14. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    to avoid that n00bies online, log in to the Racing Club server where only clean racers join :)
  15. I use clutch, i only have a button for clutch so it is or 100% or 0% bud nothing in between, So before the start i shift 1st and hold clutch. I keep the revs on 6 to 7000 RPM when the red light is off i let go the clutch button and try to have as less wheelspin as possible.
  16. basically this is the same then, if you would rev the engine in neutral, and then drop the 1st gear when light goes out, not? why do you use a clutch button then?
  17. If you use the clutch button you don't have the (verry)small relay the gearbox need to set the 1st gear. You also have the advance the power goes smoother on the front wheels causing less wheelspin. Give it a try you will see what i mean.
  18. Well, i guess if i will use the clutch for the start i will rather do it with my real clutch. :)
  19. Yes I guess a real clutch pedal will help the most, bud i haven't a 3th pedal so I have to do it this way : )
  20. hm, i am not sure, maybe i was just too unpatient to practise it enough, but for me more stable starting was without the clutch, just rev in neutral and drop the 1st gear....