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Starting point on a track

Discussion in 'Racer' started by 3Dautos, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    Basically I've been playing racer quite a bit recently, but for what I like to use it for, in my opinion, some of the tracks start in the wrong place for me. I've had a little look around the files, but can't seem to come to any logical conclusion as to how to fix this.

    I've edited cars quite a bit and put my own in before, but this I am stuck on.

    I await your responses,
  2. You use tracked which is located in the racer folder. But first you need to know how to use it. In the Blender track making tutorial in the download section of this forum you will find the info you need to change the start finish line. The location of S/F is stored in the track's special.ini file.

    Welcome to the Racer Community.
  3. To set up the start positions
    This sets which grid position the car starts in. Unfortunately a lot of tracks only have the first one defined correctly... (position 0)

    Corresponding to
    track's special.ini
    grid.pos0, pos1, etc.
    This is where you set the actual coordinates of the starting points (along with another point, to create a vector determining which way the car points)

    If you go ingame and press Ctrl+3, you can see Nullpoint (x, y, z) which tells you where the car is. You can use this to place the grid positions on the track without having to figure out tracked, though you'll have to subtract the height of the car's nullpoint off the track (unless you want the car falling 30-40cm when you start)
  4. @stereo: very interesting post.. thank you. One question.. can this be done with cameras too? I mean, if you rotate a camera in-game, is there a way to read this info and use it in the cars camera settings? I have been looking for a way to print this info to screen, without luck so far.
  5. Great stuff Stereo! Thanks a lot, I got it working! Very useful!