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Starting Fuel Level for Race setting left out of Final Build:

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. I'd rather they fixed issues from last years game than waste time on minor features like this.
  2. well if they couldnt get it working then im glad its not in, something to work on for next years game :)
  3. minor? how much to fuel the car ?? OK.

    but they had already announced it was a feature:

  4. It's minor because it's not necessary. It's a strategy element that you'd probably only use a few times a season at best, and the vast majority of players probably wouldn't bother at all.

    I know I'd rather they remove it than add a feature that isn't working properly!
  5. I agree, it could have been a nice element to have, but if it's not 100% working it's better to leave it out.
  6. Agreed, otherwise if they left it in people will moan anyhow, it's a no win situation for CM hehe.

    i just hope they can get it working and release it in a once in a lifetime patch for F1 2011, remember you'll be lucky to get one patch out of them, don't be shocked if they don't release 2 or 3. they make good games but don't release or support the consumer's who pay their bills.
  7. nobody disagrees with that. it's just for a 2nd year in a row, CM talk about features as if they are a 'done deal', only to remove them silently.

    then they get upset that the Community notices that they pulled the feature, and hide behind the 'WIP' and 'things change' and 'all game companies do it' excuses.

    they didn't learn their lesson from last year: it's just bad PR.

    yet, they handled the Safety Car the correct way: 'don't talk about it as if it's in the game, until confirmed' ... it's not THAT hard
  8. not for nothing, but isnt the car fueled with a full race in mind - and then a lap or 2 of extra in just for safety?

    i cant see knowingly starting a race with a lighter load just to lean out the engine because your going to be super close or short.

    thats just me tho.
  9. If you're banking on a safety car it makes sense. I also seem to remember hearing about HRT and Lotus planning fuel loads based on the number of times they expect to be lapped during the race.

    If you want to run lighter set the engine map to fast or whatever the equivalent is and then adjust later on in the race or hope for that safety car. Or induce the safety car, if you're slightly devious.
  10. Would've loved this feature! :)
  11. Don't quite understand why you've felt the need to make a statement on here as well OP since you already did on the official forums. I'm sorry but they never confirmed it as a feature, they said they PLANNED to add it and yes you quote Steve on the forum saying it was in but what you don't understand is game developers sometimes have to remove features for good reasons. Perhaps a major bug came up with it when adding another feature and decided it wasn't important enough to take the trouble in fixing over something else.
    Yes it would be a nice feature and you keep on saying "oh they lied for the second year running" but the thing is, it was never a confirmed feature. If they had definitly confirmed it was in then it would be different, but it's not.
  12. :nod: and to keep carrying on about it is silly, its over and done with and theres nothing to be done about it.
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Such things they shouldnt say. Don't speculate or promise what you cannot deliver. CM fans immediately take such suggestions as the truth.

    They can also say they plan to add the GP2 series and five minutes later all sites will confirm this as a new feature.
  14. Wow GP2 comfirmed in 2011!!! Spread the word everyone! Woooo!

    Haha, I know what you mean Bram.
  15. I'm sure most people understand what the word "plan" means so people really shouldn't go assuming something will definitly be in the game because they've said they planned to add it. Companies shouldn't have to be so careful with their words because us consumers should really understand. Not putting anyone down for it but it's pretty simple really, I know I didn't assume anything was in because they were planned, I always wait for official confirmations, which really is what we should all do.
  16. I agree, people tend to get overexcited over "planned "features. However, I think the responsibility falls on CM to not talk about features unless they will for sure be in the game. I know they want to generate buzz and hype but it is better to underhype and overproduce than the opposite.

    On the topic of fuel level: maybe they couldn't get it working right with the fuel mix and throttle map features that ARE in the game? It would have been nice to have but it doesn't break the game without it. Besides, I hadn't heard much about this feature at all until this thread. I would rather they try adding it in a patch but still I would rather they fix any bugs first before adding features.
  17. agreed.

    CM initially said "I don't think we know what the best strategy is for Spa, 50% race. It kind of depends on the car you happen to be driving, how you drive that car, the conditions, driving aids and car setup. Oh, and the fuel load you opt to carry."

    that's not 'planning', guys - that is clearly it's in the game.

    2 months later they changed it [in 1 single post] to 'the plan is'
    3 months later Community Day is held, and they reveal they pulled it [having never told us ahead of time]

    the game Devs on the OFFICIAL Forum should not talk about things as if they are 'in the game', until they are certain. Just like they did with the Safety Car: they were silent until certain. We are not seeing this stuff from some 3rd party and 'assuming', these are the Devs themselves, and thought oughta know better - the same thing happened last year = just bad PR
  18. I can hardly believe im reading this stuff.
  19. and we can hardly believe that for 2 years running, CM has discussed features, silently pulled them, and blamed the Community for mot interpreting a game Dev saying "Oh, and the fuel load you opt to carry." as "Oh, and the fuel load you opt to carry, if we decide to actually keep this feature in the final build."

    CM did it right thing with the SC: didn't talk about it until confirmed.
    CM did not do the right thing with this feature, though.

    it won't prevent me from buying it, but they should have followed the SC guideline for everything, or simply have a 'Feature List' thread, where they could say 'Starting Race Fuel' - not implemented [once they scrapped it]

    just makes for better PR, in my view.