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Start to Finish rFactor Tutorial

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by verbii, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all I’ve created what I think is quite a comprehensive tutorial for the end to end process of creating a track from scratch in Max and importing it into rFactor.

    I came across a lot of different info as I was trying to learn this all in different places and with different levels of clarity/user friendliness so once I had put everything together thought I would publish it for anyone else who was in the same position as me.

    Although the words are all my own a lot of it is information gained from existing tutorials some of which are quoted in the doc as well as thanks to a few people (some from maybe these boards).

    Hopefully someone will find it to be a good starting point for creating content.

    I realise this may not be as useful for rFactor 2 as there will be differences but a lot of the comments I saw seemed to be ‘it’s similar to how it was in rFactor’ so even if it is not the exact same process it MAY help you gain an understanding in order to figure out the new process.

    Hope it helps.

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  2. Hi, is it possible you could post another link for this tutorial? As this one no longer works, I am taking the plunge into 3DS Max and need all the help I can get! :)


    EDIT: Sorry scratch that, I tried it again on another computer and it worked. Thanks for a great toturial!!!!
  3. ebrich


    I get a 404 not found. Nice blue color, though.
  4. tjc


    lol... me too, that colour is nice though. :laugh:
  5. ebrich


    The dropbox link gives me a CTD . Any body managed to download this?
  6. I just checked again and it still works fine here. Maybe try another browser.
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  7. ebrich


    Different browser did the trick.

    Looks like the first tut for 3dsMax that you don't have to spend more time googling for 'a certain button' than actually doing .......(what an awful sentence)

    Well if you get my drift - Great Tutorial. Thanks to verbii for the time spent doing it.