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Start Lights??

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Gary Gray, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. I'm wanting to make custon start lights for my hillclimbs and circuits tracks. has anybody any info on how the Rf startlights work? and is it possible to customise them?

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  2. Bit involved but reasonably easy if you,ve done it before. The model has to be set up properly though, with the pieces named to make it easier to assign the correct names in RF. I have done a 2 light version for someone else on here, if you can search on here you may be able to download it and see how it was made. Found it, http://www.racedepartment.com/bobs-track-builder/26058-startlight-who-able-make.html
    If all else fails drop me a PM and I'll help as best as I can.
  3. Keep in mind in Rfactor MOST animated objects will not be synchronized between the server and clients, nor between individual clients. Placing the lightbox is nice. It will end up working like some of the drag strips. Since only the lead car in a queue will be able to use the animation it ultimately becomes novelty. Completely worthless online for at best 1 car. Offline however is not too bad, considering you can reset the race start to your heart's content and not mess up timing for cars already on stage.
  4. So if I got it to animate on a 30 sec cycle it in wouldn't work online? Thats a bit useless :) That was the whole point of the project as there is no other way to have proper rally stages online other than thru TS3 and not everyone likes that :)
  5. If you had a 30 second animation you could reset the weekend when everyone is in, if you don't have any real laggy people you could probably get away with it.
  6. I'm sorry, but it will not work. One person's 0 will be another's 15 and someone else's 23. Even with resetting the session/weekend. I have a hunch it all depends on when the animation loads (PC speed) when the track is loading. The only animation trigger that is synchronized are the start lights (~~F1 style) and that only cycles through once, when it is done it sits in a deactivated state.

    Here's how the rF rallies I've helped with the past have been run. We run rallies in the practice session (allows for reconnects and the timer counts down). What we do first is seed everyone. The first to go gets (Session time-30 seconds) start time. The next -30 sec , after the next -30 sec. Start times are usually given out through in game chat, and held through the first stages. Sometimes there is a re-seed. Cars queue up and off we go. Since the session timer will count down, you sort of get a 5,4,3,2,1 through the HUD. The key thing is not to leave the pits while the light is red (you will not be scored). For this reason maybe the first starter will be pushed back to 1 min after session begins. If everyone pays attention to the rally master, it goes smoothly. Because of fun factor/keep the car count up, if someone DNFs they are usually given the slowest time +penalty time of 3 minutes.

    You can see all of our rally results here: LOOK AT RALLY HEADING Daron usually acts as our rally master and has a script he runs that will output scoring to a webpage for up to stage results.
  7. Thats exactly what I've been trying to do thanks for the info I will give it a try. Thats one decent script would he be interested in sharing it :)
  8. Got it working (albeit in single player) used my casing and RT1971's startlights (resized to fit casing, hope you dont mind) its fiddly to do but it works :)

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  9. NP they are there for anyone to use, or pull apart to see how they work.