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Start game error

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ivan Å trbac Ctc, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. After i skip the intro, and when the game tries to connect to windows live games, after that my game freezes and when i press enter it shuts down....

    I've try to run"repair", nothing...I've alos read that re-install can help neither....

    soo, does anyone have the same problem as i have right now or do some1 have any solution for me?

    EDIT. I've re-install the game, copied the saved game on my desk, ant still wount work :-/

    Solution foun!!

    Delete save game data and that's it! I didnt know that this is the same issue as i saw on another topics, with the deleting the save data, sry for that, i just wanna thank u 4 helping me out...

    I totay lost the"touch" now, Melbourne 4th, worst race ever, on a wet conditions..ohhh my...

    This topic can be noc closed, thnx alot again, keep racin' ;)
  2. Update gfwl.
  3. what's that?
  4. Update Games For Windows Live.
  5. can i put back the save game folder, and can continue where i last time save the game?
  6. Have you had the game running before ??

    Can you start other games using gfwl ??
  7. Is windows live problem if it has never started or you have corrupt save game and you should delete your savegame folder.
    I had the same problem because i had my firewall and other services stoped at win start up. Really weird..
  8. i've played it, hmm 10days or so...i hade 5 races till season end...

    as i wrote, i've downloaded the games for windowa life, stil lwount work, re-install ir, wount work...
  9. u're right m8, thnx alot, but this sux!!! i've to start all over again, oh nooo..... What's wrong with u codemasters, what r u doin such things like that!! thi is not acceptable!
  10. Hi I had the same prob, the game ran perfect for about a week until a couple if days ago, when I pressed the start button on my wheel to skip intro and start game it would freeze and crash to desktop, but it would start fine If i pressed enter on my keyboard to skip intro but then the wheel wouldn't work, so I fixed this by started game with keyboard then reconfigure wheel in options.. Hope this helps
  11. i'm not ona a wheel, i'm on a keyboard, but, i fixed the rpoblem, just delete the save game data and that's it :(

    thnx anyway! :)
  12. The solution is in Paul's post. Don't delete the save game folder!!!! THe solution is on page 7. Good luck
  13. Glad you got it to work, I thought you hadn't got the game started at all.
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