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"Start career with any team mod"?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by MS7XWDC, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. is one coming ? thx
  2. yeah i think it will be coming :) *but i do not need it Torro Rosso FTW * :D
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  4. Keyboard broken ? O_O
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  5. surprised nobody has published this yet
  6. I am sure its coming :thumbsup:
  7. i tried tier 5, too
  8. Once i got my Game in my hands i will try to do it like last year
    But you guys have to wait as Game releases in India Tomorrow and The Delivery may take a week.
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  9. Just figured it out :) Open "database.bin" find "f1teams" and in there find "id" column. For example, mercedes has 22 and marussia 30, swap those two and voila u can start with mercedes :)
    P.S.: after changing ID u need to restart profile because it cant find teams u changed, so u do young driver test day 1 again and u are ready to go.
    This is just fast change so no idea if it changes speeds, ai behavior etc of edited teams (so far it seems to be working no problem - u wont get tier 4 speeds/team mate times).
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  10. great, thx.

    i will backup original database
    mod database
    start new YDT, select Merc.
    then drop in orig database
  11. THAT WORKED .... but you cannot restore the original database after using the modded one to start career in a different team.

    Profile is Corrupt error.

    i guess i could play with the modded database file, not sure if it will cause any issues though. [cant use online, id think]
  12. post edited database file with lotus
  13. Stupid question, how do you open the .bin file? I've tried to open it with Ryder Database Editor but I keep getting an error. Help?
  14. Hi!
    I can't find Database editor.. :D
    Sombody that know anithing? :D
  15. for me didn't work.
  16. like i said why can't you just post edited database with lotus.. PLEASE
  17. Thank you.
  18. Hey guys, what do i have to do to start my career with mclaren? thx