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Standings - FEC 2015 | Season 1

Discussion in 'PC | F1 2015 European Championship' started by Wouter van der Giessen, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Introduction

    I want to welcome you all to the Official thread for the FEC 2015 | Season 1 Standings. I have noticed a lot of racers would like to compare statistics, fastest laps and performance graphs against each other. We heard you and started to brainstorm on how to make this dream come true. This dream has now become a reality. Checkout the link below and experience the MagicĀ© for yourself.


    FEC 2015 | Season 1 Standings

    What's new and how does it work?

    There are a lot of options within the Standings System. You can view your performance statistics or even those of your nearest rival, you can view all the times done per session (Qualifying and Race), see the weather conditions for it and the fastest laps for each session, you can even view advanced performance data and graphs about your whole season up till now and of course the Championship Standings themselves (Driver and Constructor's).

    The most important thing about this system is that all the data, independent sheets and graphs are totally connected to each other and fully automated to avoid any kind problems with entering data. You can view all the different options by clicking on the Tabs at the top of your screen. Make sure to also check out the Race Sessions themselves (R1, R2 etc.) to examine your performance against other players for that particular Event. There is lots of other extra stuff in there so be sure to check it out.

    All the standings, results and timing data will be updated within an hour after the race.
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