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Standing Starts

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Paul Storey, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm so bad at standing starts that I'm danger to anyone behind me on the grid :disapointed:

    I had a quick practice against AI and I realised how bad I actually was with the AI cars just shooting off into the distance.

    Could somebody kindly explain the right procedure for a quick & wheel spin free start?

  2. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Hi hexman,
    Just try to not hit the full throtlle and beeing there spinning your wheels, after your car begins to run, just go easy on your accelerator pedal, slighty move the pedal up and down to "feel" the grip.
    Believe me, after a few practice shots, you will get the point of it.
  3. Thanks Paulo, I will give it some more practice, I might be just trying too hard.

  4. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    And if you've got a clutch pedal it will even be a lot easier ;)
  5. I found it best to hit near full throttle when the light goes.
    Have it revving just under maximum revs, knock it into 1st and it will launch and start spinning straight after. From there it is all about finding the right amount of power needed on the gas paddle.
    Have it like on the edge of wheelspin sortof from 0 to 70kph + :)
  6. First i comes down to a lot of training, if you can beat the ai at starts you will be a master at starts :)
    most important is that the rpm not drop down to much if you release your clutch, after this you need to adjust the rpm in a way that you have near to zero weel spin a little bit is ok to prevent the rpm to drop down
    but realy just a little bit not to much as you otherwise blow away your traction

    i train it with a full ai field and after the first corner i just reset and start over again :)
    it has improoved my starts a lot
  7. Thanks for the tips everyone.

    Well I must confess to using an xbox 360 pad so I guess that's making things even harder. I really need to get a wheel I know.

    I've been doing that too Michael. With 100% AI and on Curitiba I'm about 5 tenths of a second behind the AI car by the first bend which is a little better than it was.

  8. you will find it differs from car to car, you just have to find that sweet spot where you get the revs just right, get too much and you light up the tyres, too little and you loose momentum, but there is one thing with race07/evo as it was with gtr2 every engine file has a line similar to this one from the mini

    LaunchRPMLogic=(6000.0, 6750.0)

    so i presume this is the rev range that the AI cars will be aiming for at the start with the Mini's.
  9. just keep practicing. one thing to keep in mind: the BMWs will always be faster! Personally, I hold the RPMs at a tad over 7000 (in a Seat). Lights go out and I slam into 1st and give a little throttle up to maybe 7500, then start letting off the gas as I start moving a bit. The worst thing you could possibly do is shift into 2nd too early or smoke the tires out. Other than that, it takes a hell of a lot of practice and good luck.
  10. I know what you mean hex! I'm still using the "Saitek Rumble Joypad" and whilst I still manage fast times the start isn't easy. Just too twitchy when moving your finger a hairs width is an extra couple hundred revs.

    I'm gona have to get me a decent wheel and pedals some time, but rather than jump in for a cheap one now I think I'm gona put up and save up. Sure it must be way easier with pedals!
  11. Exactly. As Neil also pointed out, there is an ideal rpm range with every car. I usually hold the revs to just below the red zone while the lights go on. I have mapped a button for the clutch (since I use a Momo, there is no pedal), so as soon as the lights go off, I release the clutch and press down on the accelerator a bit more so that the revs don't do too low, but not too much so as not to spin the wheels.

    But don't worry, the AI is extremely good and will beat me most of the time. Just go online and you'll see most guys are just like us (i.e. sometimes miss out and spin too much, or the opposite).

  12. I remember a time I qualified like 8th out of 20 or so and I stalled my engine on the start. That caused a huge mess lol
  13. Nice find Neil, will have a look for those. I don't often have a bad start, but love those times when you get everything perfect and launch of the start line. Maybe finding these LaunchRPM values can help that to happen more often.
  14. one time I had quite a good quali and ended up in about 6th. Accidentally turned my pit limiter on while waiting for the grid to fill up. That wasn't conducive to a good start :dont-know: Bit embarrassing and it also took out a couple of people behind me :embarrassed::redface:
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    with toca's i rev up to about 7-8000 and then release full throtlle when the wheels get traction, works fine
  16. I have a button mapped to clutch on my wheel. You will notice if you go into calibration settings and hit the buttons, it has a slightly gradualy release, rather than just dumping the clutch. In my opinion, this is better than revving it in neutral and shifting to first.

    I seem to always get a good start in minis. All i do is chuck it in first, clutch in, foot flat to the floor, then back it off to maybe 90% or so, then when the light go out, dump it and adjust the throttle accordingly after you get moving.

    Coming out of the pit garage....well, thats a different situation altogether :)
  17. i use my clutch pedal :)
    but im still rubbish at them 9 times out of 10!!!

    I am now considering practicing them as it seems other people do...
  18. Karl Dubois

    Karl Dubois
    Premium Member

    I use the clutchpedal also (G25),

    Change quick from first to second gear to avoid wheelspin

    Change gear ratio's for first two gears
  19. It depends on the car. Each one have a different techinic. BUt in general u have to go smoothly pressing the gas pedal.