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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tnadz, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has played with this in their rig. While RAID 0 doesn't always produce an advantage for games/sims, new technology on both the software and hardware side might have changed things. I'm looking to build a new rig when DDR4 RAM, Oculus Rift, Windows 10 and a few other things are reasonably in the market place.

    For those unfamiliar, RAIDing just takes more than one hard drive and makes them work together to be faster or more reliable.
  2. RAID 0 is absolutely pointless for SSDs unless you want to see big benchmark numbers. Real world difference is imperceptible.
  3. While historically, this has been an issue, I'm wondering if the newer RAIDs and standards /controllers for SSDs (NVMe/SATAe) would help with the issue. Maybe loading tracks and car files to memory would improve especially as these files are growing significantly. Also, where paged memory comes into play for people who either don't have enough system RAM there might be an advantage (yes this could be resolved with a dedicated OS drive).

    I guess for me there's the inherent advantage of RAIDed drives since I also use my rig for video/audio/picture editing. Maybe the SSD question is really more for people who use their machines for more than just racing and don't stack out their RAM?
  4. @Tnadz

    While that was probably true going from a mechanical hard drive to an SSD, SSD's are so fast now in access time and read/write data rates that there's just not much if anything to be gained from going to RAID 0 configurations which is why most people don't use them. Hard drive benchmarks will show a difference but the real world is so small that its not likely noticeable.

    System memory is so cheap these days and its faster than accessing an SSD that if you're trying to store frequently accessed files into memory, you might as well just add more memory or create a RAM drive. Samsung's newer SSD's since the 830 series I believe offers a utility to basically create a RAM drive if I recall.