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Released SS Roslagen

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by jacken64, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. this is my new tracks
    hope you like it
  2. Nice :) Where can I download this track?
  3. Like this track a lot.

    Sector 1-I find this section flowing,to say the least.Every corner seems to be connected in such a fashion that it poses a challenge and a nice experience all into one,especially between 0:59 and 1:17

    Sector 2-The tighter section of the course is at the beginning of the sector,winding through the village.However,from 2:50 onwards,it becomes a beast of a straight.The profound bumps at the start,the jump,the bridge and that other jump which caught out what I do believe is the Ai.Really,the best sector of the three.

    Sector 3-Perfectly placed Hay bails can catch people out(like you) and is a make or break section of the stage.Rest of the sector is high speed punctuated by sharp corners

    This is just my opinion.
  4. Thank You for your work... just spended happy 3 hours... :)... can't anymore... my hand... :D

    The lonely camera:

  5. Thanks! I'm glad to hear your opinion.
    I'm happy for all opinions, praise, tips and ideas
  6. Thanks! DeepJKL_Fin
    Nice drive 4:31:71 is not so bad
    I'm glad you like my job
    They make me want to continue working
    Thank you....
  7. Thanks! I also got new inspiration for my RallyPark... :) The drive was awful... but i only scratched the car... i can cut and compile my total destruction video ends under the name: SS Roslagen - Teaching Some Respect. ;)
  8. Fun that we can inspire each other.
    I think I may take a little break, I have had pain in my finger of all BTB clicking.... lol
  9. congratulations Jacken. this track very interesting, funny and well done
  10. Thanks. Glad you like it
    more tracks are under construction :)
    This makes me want to continue to build track :)
  11. hi, this looks interesting, where is the download link?