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Released SS Kosutnjak

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zoka, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Track is incomplete,about 95% is finished,after many trying to put some xpacks i give up from track,i was have some Serbia rally banners and other xpacks,but rbr crashes all time.It crashes with xpacks that i used on Avala project -RALLY Road element and other 100% working xpacks.Main scenery is complete,crowd,banners,start clocks stage timers and other stuff are incomplete.
    Must thanks to Zaxxon,Martinez and Parlesportes for help
    here is some images,enjoy in driving..


  2. No bugs reported after first few runs. Anyway I prefer slower pacenotes (6 instead of 5 and so on)
  3. Looks really great
  4. I'm replay again my post from forum of RBR theme:

    ...Very, very impressive - bravo! I hope that you not finish yet, but now it's look amazing.
    And some mine things: I see that you have to much singles textures in different sizes. And I see that you have more blank textures (as -Blank_170_170_170...) from collada model. I think that you used SketChup for modeling and if you want I can explain how avoid this...
    When I saw the cemetery, I was shocked :D , but when I saw it from short distance I see that monuments of the same size and monotonically, will be better that you make like now, but with different size...
    Pancetones you must put more accurate. For better understand how, you must turn on 3d pancetones in original RBR track and find the place in turn zones, where you must put them in yours track...
    And last, about single grass, around the track, you must to know, that some of thems, grow only in forests, not in open areas - I mean ferns. Ferns growing on the forest and usually in large groups. Next to a large grass bush, it would be great help a few lower plants...

    You brilliant make stones of mountain!
    Can you explane, how you make forest on the mountains?
  5. Thanks Barbje,track is finished,today i try to do something with track but same thing,its again crashed in rbr.I lost nervs with track,i must wait to load project in btb about 1-2 minute,than 1-2 minute to export to rbr,than in rbr 2-3 minute to load track,than when you see changes,2-3 minutes to wake up btb,there is no point any more..
    I use sketch up for modeling,its fastest for me and if u know something for easier work,i would like to know
    About cemetery:D,its realy there,i was have some spooky tree,but its crashed rbr:D,about monuments there are SObjects,it was fastest way to put them there,pacenotes could be better..
    I was have prepared grass xpack,but whole project messed up.Whole this track is in big forest,i think that grass i used is ok
    And about forest and mountains,i combined zaxxon and emel method,and i have about 2500 large trees objects(like evergreen forest from Great Britain xpack),and i manualy adjust position of every object:D,and at the end its not much left from zaxxon method,i must delete many areas to save fps
  6. One idea for saving low numbers of polys, in mountains forest tress, make it "non Reset On Ground" (remove V), and then you can delete under terrain mesh ( I think its no need especially in long distance range)
    And next, you need make much less textures in project. In Xpack you need all Blank_170_170_170,.. or remove (for this, you must again open model in sketchup and select all (ctrl + A) model planes and add right textures (be better one texture) and, when model is ready for export, make all model line invisible and after make export. Or you can replace all with one of them in Xpack, and all others with the same view textures too (if you need or you don't know how, I can do it for you...)

    Mey be bettet make for trees in sort distance, by the road, tree trunks made ‚Äč‚Äčseparately, that they should the volume

    if you need some more information from me can write me to PM.