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SRW-S1 Shift Led + Logitech DFGT Question

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by KKK666, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    Im using Logitech DFGT and SRW-S1 wheel simultaneously in the game, SRW-S1 is replacing the original DFGT wheel, and it acts only as button box. Im still using the DFGT as controller for turning (to get force feedback) and the pedals for throttle and brake, but i cannot get SRW-S1 leds to work. LEDs seem only to work when SRW-S1 is assigned as primary wheel for turning, but then there is no feedback from DFGT.

    Does anyone know is it possible to get the shift leds to work in this setting?

    Thank you
  2. Hy!
    I have the same problem! i think it will work using fanaleds aplication or simsli app. It's free. I can't tring because my srw-s1 is broken!
  3. I have Fanatec, but it doesnt seem to have an effect. I try simsli next.
  4. Tried Simsli and no effect. Anyone else have ideas?
  5. Hello,

    Yes I have the srw s1 driver. It seems that it is impossible to get the leds to work , without assigning the SRW as primary controller in the game options. But no FFB from logitech device then. Maybe someday someone manufactures a real wheel that you dont have to mod everything yourselve.
  6. Arjan Smittenaar

    Arjan Smittenaar
    Premium Member

    Hi KKK666
    Sorry to highjack this thread but can you explain how you did addapt the SRW-S1 to the DFGT?(From a hardware perspective)
    This as I want to make this combo also...

  7. Hello,

    It is fairly simple, I modded the SRW-S1 straight to the DFGT wheel attachement points. For installation i dissassembed the SRW-S1 and removed gas/brake pedals and made 2 holes on the back of SRW-S1 panel for attachtement. Between DFGT and SRW-S1 i used an U-shaped steel part (some scrap found in garage) and simple wooden block cut in shape to fit the U-shaped steel part. I bolted the steel part to the DFGT mounting holes by 4 bolts. The wooden block was bolted by 2 bolts + epoxy glue on the back of the SRW-S1, and then secured to the steel part by bolts.

    You have to open to remove the DFGT wheel button wire from the centre of the steering column and connect it to the front panel (removed from the) of the DFGT wheel. If it is not connected to the front panel DFGT doesnt work properly. I mounted the front panel from the DFGT wheel over the wheel so that you can use them as buttons also.

    So no special skills needed. In the game you have to assign DFGT axis for turning ( so you are not using SRW-S1 sensors for that). Both DFGT and SRW-S1 is very simple to disassemble and re-assemble.

    Still looking for answers how to get the leds working!
  8. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo
    Premium Member

    Hey guys I have an SRW mounted on a DFGT base and the LEDs work fine in AMS. I only had to put these 2 files in the plugins folder and all was well. ;)


    Also if you are having trouble configuring both devices at the same time, I disconnected the SRW and setup the DFGT first (I use mine for steering & FFB only) then restarted the game with the SRW attached and set those buttons.
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