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SRW-S1 mounted to G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SexualChocolate, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Finally got around to mounting the SRW-S1 to the G27 wheel. Took the srw apart, pulled out all 4 levers on the backside. Ran 3 wire ties through the backside where the levers were. And the pic shows the finish. Works great with Fanaleds, all buttons map fine. Tested in Assetto Corsa. Will also test in other sims as I get time. Feels great, no awkwardness, no wiggle or flop. Looks great with no visible mounting structures from the front and very clean. SRW-S1 G27 mount.JPG
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  2. Rodent


    Looks sweet, really tempted to copy the idea. That wire looks like it could get annoying during the heat of racing though.
  3. actually the cable in the pic wasnt plugged in at the time. I have also used a dremel to notch out the back where the original cable came out. pushed it down flat(in order to keep the backside of the srw flush to the wheel) and then hot-glue sealed it in place(to the srw). Cable doesnt interfere at all, even during the wheel checks on startup. Could also be useful to simply wrap the cable around the wheel approximately 2 revolutions to take up slack.