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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by menacegtr, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Hi to you all. I have just in the last few days of this post been experiencing a problem with my SRW-S1 wheel mounted on my G25 via a quick release mechanism. I for some reason have lost all the FFB from the wheel when the SRW-S1 is attached. If i use the wheel with the G25 rim back on via quick release i get all the FFB i want, but as soon as i replace with the SRW-S1 rim i lose it all. I can configure the wheels rotation as i want and assign the buttons on the SRW-S1 without problems but as soon as i start driving i lose all the FFB. Is anyone using a Modded SRW-S1 on there G25 that is experiencing the same problem as me or are they having no issues. Its tearing my hair out as to a remedy to this problem as i said before it worked OK before. can anyone please help me with this problem
  2. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Hi, just trying to help but I think this would have been better placed in Sim Racing Hardware rather than here.

    This forum section is regarding Assetto Corsa only so I don't think you'll get any answers back.

    I've never used a G25 so I don't know it very well. Does it normally have any sort of pin connection through the middle of the wheel hub like a Fanatec wheel? I understand they won't work with after market wheels (not easily anyway). For example the Fanatec hub sends a signal to the Fanatec wheel. If the wheel is not genuine Fanatec it disables the FFB. Don't know if Logitech have the same setup, I doubt it.

    Could it simply be the weight of the wheel? I would imagine with the quick release it probably weighs more than the standard wheel, could that cause the motor to over stress itself and switch off?
  3. Hi to you. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes both rims use a VGA male and female type plug socket. I think i have fixed it by accident. If i calibrate the wheel with the g25 rim on it works as it should. Then when i swap it for the srw-s1 rim it works identically the same as the g25, all the FFB is there. The only thing to change is the button mapping for paddles and all the buttons. Now here is were i found out why it may not work. I took the srw-s1 rim off and used the g25 for running gt2 cars, when i replaced with the srw-s1 rim i lost all features of FFB and button mapping. So as said after fitting the g25 then replacing with srw-s1 and remapping the wheel works fine, even when i play again Assetto Corsa the next day or so, as long as i keep the srw-s1 rim attached. weird but hay it works so am happy. This seems to have happens since moving from windows 7 to 10
  4. So I'm not all alone using that exotic SRW-S1 "wheel". Allthough I'm using it in it's normal surrounding.
    My desk-mounting of it looks a bit different: ;)

    >> Desk-mounted SRW-S1 in action <<