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SRS problems

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Dethrone1427, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Im a seasoned vet when it comes to modding RF and SCE, but for the life of me i cannot get any mods to appear in the AMS menu. What compression rate do we use for the TGA files? Is there anyway of making the SRS files appear in our default file type list? As im still struggling to assign word or notepad to the SRS files. When i do create an rfm/srs file it wont appear then in the menus no matter what i do, its genuinely got me stumped, if anyone could supply a step by step guide to creating a mod because so far with AMS im at a loss and thats annoying me!!! I love modding...
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  2. rename your .srs file reiza21.srs and follow the tga from the other files and it will show up. Not a perfect solution but its a start to at least get your mod showing up properly in the menu.
  3. Well after some more testing it looks like you cant skip numbers for the .tga to show up correctly. For example you can't seem to use the .tga for reiza23.srs until there is a reiza21.srs/.tga and reiza22.srs/.tga. So far from what it seems is the mod will still work correctly with a random reiza##.srs but it just cant read the .tga.

    As for your notepad question you just right click on a .srs file and click on open with and a popup should show up with a list of programs and notepad should be one of them.

    Edit: After more testing I removed some info as it appears it wasnt working after all. Just be sure to keep a backup .srs and .tga file incase we get a surprise in one of these updates and get a new series.
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  4. right now to get it right you have to use the same system like the original files, reizaxx.srs and reizaxx.tga

    always using the "next free" number to get the mod icon showing up right ingame

    next free must be right now 21, if you add a secont mod it must be 22 then etc etc...

    if you use a complete different number the icon wont show but you can select the mod, if you use a complete different naming the mod will just show up in all cars/all tracks...

    game is still beta so i think this will change ;)
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  5. Thank you guys, makes perfect sense, I'll try it later today!!!
  6. Hi,

    Yep, you are right!
    I had the same problem
    Yes, this is exactly how it works for this moment. As you said, this could be changed in future.
    In version 1.0 of the Abart mod i just named it all "ABARTH", so for the SRS-file and TGA-file and entries in VEH-file under "Classes=". But that messed up the whole car selection screen and buttons, because the chosen buttons and belonging cars didn't match:confused:
    For version 1.10 of the Abart mod i named the files as "reiza98.srs" and "reiza98.tga. Also in VEH-file under Classes=reiza98. The TGA-file can't be seen in car selection screen, however when choosing "all cars&tracks", the TGA-file is displayed correctly in left screen, above the projected car.;) And now the car selection screen does work as it should work:)
    I did try a number above 100, but that didn't work either:notworthy:
  7. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    @hummer444 I noticed the selection screen was messed up after installing v1.0 of your mod (which is great btw, lots of fun!) but I thought it was mainly because it was before the official srs in alphabetical order. So I changed the name to reizaABARTH.srs and it seems to work, without changing the car class in .veh (only under all "all cars&tracks"); I played you mod, then continued my F-Vee championship without any selection trouble. Not sure if I missed something but that would give more opportunities if letters are working too…
    Like PATR10T mentioned, this will hopefully change with future updates. If I remember well, it was only with the last versions of SCE that you could use any name for a mod...
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  8. THX Alex:thumbsup:

    Okay, i will play around a bit with the naming. Maybe i missed something. However, version 1.10 of the mod is working well without screwing up the car selection screen.
  9. I'm not a modder at all.
    Is it possible to "convert" the old "rfm" files from GSCE to AMS?
    Like, I have the mod "Alpine A364 v1.0b PixSim Tribute" for GSCE.
    It works perfectly in AMS but I have to select "all tracks and cars" to see it, as you know.
    I opened the files "reiza32.rfm" and it doesn't seem different from the .srs file much.
    I tried to just change the "rfm" part to "srs" and it does work in AMS, but the TGA file, well I mean the car picture doesn't show though. It's invisible...
    Is there anything I can do about this?
  10. No, best to copy an original srs file then rename it the next reiza***.srs file. That way it'll show up in the menu. Just remember to add an alpha layer to whatever tga file design you make, that way it'll have the roll over effect in game.
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  11. Eg, if the last reixa**.srs file is 21 or 22 then name your srs file 23. Same goes for the corresponding tga file for it.
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  12. you should read on reiza forum ;) no need anymore for using next numbers, you can name the srs like you want now... i think this will work on next ams update as it is right now as beta update... already renamed my srs files and its working fine, so just a wait a bit ;)
  13. Automobilista is still in beta?:confused:
  14. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo