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SRHF sneek peek for Q1 2011...Whats planned here at the forum :)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Just a quick update for everyone, so you can get a little sneek preview of just some of the great stuff the SRHF is going to be bringing you this first quater of 2011!

    ARC-Team are sending me one of their G25-E mod kits to Review, it promises to enhance the Logitech G25 or G27 in quite a substantial manner and involves a major re-work of the electronics of the Logitech wheel, a new higher voltage PSU and more...........one NOT to miss!


    We have more reviews planned for Steelseries Hardware including the shift Keyboard and more..


    ARC-Team are also sending me there ARC Brake kit for the G25/7 to review...

    Remember this little teaser clip???.............. More soon


    Hmmmmm.....these look amazing dont they........Guess what? Review coming soon!

    Also a very special series on motion sim setups from one of the best guys in the field! We will be covering everything from D.I.Y. / kits / components / software and much more...

    PLUS (can there be more?) we hope to bring more competitions, interviews, on-site company visits and a few other 'secrets' :)

    This and more is coming soon........Enjoy

  2. waiting the review on the Arc team mod!!! ;)

    and probably i will ask you the diferences between a vanilla g27, a modded g27 and the fanatec that you review few months ago!!! i'm really interesting in it!! ;)

    thx again for your work m8!!! ;)
  3. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    I think it will be a G25 that Brian is butchering, i mean modding ;)

    Waiting for him to confirm though :)
  4. 'Butchering' Moi??? Hmmmmm, thanks Mr Vickers............ @ Mattia, it will be a G25 that I am modding, but I can tell you now that in essence the 'mod' and the results are identical, infact the parts list are so similar that ARC sent me a G27 kit by mistake, and the only alteration is shortening one of the supplied wires in the kit! Logitech will tell you they did alot of revisions on the G27.............errr, helical gears, +4 buttons and a few very minor tweeks to the circuitry, other than that it was shifter mods to improve the feel. Think its safe to say my results on a G25 will also cover the G27 :) Hope thay helps
  5. Nice Brian, looking forward to it mate. Bring it on dude!
  6. Brian... I'll do the Red Bull with Display review, considering mine is coming early Feb.

    Brings a second opinion, which helps the validity of a review, too. Not saying yours are invalid :p

    Looking forward to the rest though-that ARC brake looks interesting, although a Perfect Pedal is on the radar too.