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SR system? Whaaaaa?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. So this gent and I went at it like this from lap 40 to turn three of lap 50. Never touched one time and this was a huge bummer as we were given x4 for this???? I have had people hit me way harder and I've hit way harder to get a x0 so what the whooey? I want a refund...lol :tongue:

    I've noticed this more and more as it seems a bit off and crazy at times. In my best forest Gump voice. iRacing SR is like a box of chocolates, you never know how much you will get"...

  2. Nice crossover. I got an X4 for that move at Indy in the SM series here where I crossed a wheel _under_ a flying car. I imagine in your case a fluke of netcode error had you actually touching, though you never did from your perspective.
  3. Yeah even he said something about it as well. At the end of the race he said "we never touch WTF???"... lol... Then left the server with a @%!@$@#@%$!%@@$ netcode...
  4. Got a similar x4 in a MX-5 at Lime Rock race yesterday. Just getting alongside someone after T3, didn't touch. Quite pissing off when it happens.
  5. Protest him by all means!!!
    jk off course, netcode and nothing else, cmon poeple, nothing to see here :tongue:
  6. I think my point was lost... hehehe I was meaning about the strength of the hit. As I said before I have been hit much hard and given out hits much hard to gotten a x0 for it... lol... This was a little tap even if by lag it was still small and gave a x4... BOOoooo....
  7. got once hit from behind, not even visible on reply, total damage on car, think it was my first race in SM, what a way to start a series...
  8. You have to bear in mind the servers are running the netcode and trying to calculate/predict where both cars on the track. Every now and again the netcode will cause x4's. I guess it's never such a big thing in other sim racers as they tend not to have things like SR in play, so they allow for more bumping and barging, which also allows for netcode blips.
  9. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Watch that. I was shocked when it happened. And this was when my net was perfecto. Watch my rear left at the turn. Hehe
  10. SR is a pile of $%#@% I can tell you that! I've got 3 times 4X, couple of 1x and one loss of control 2x in one freaking race. Why? One guy had a catastrophic connection quality during the race, I was behind him from the start. He was warping big time, being invisible 50% of the race. He was slower than me so I tried to be slower also to avoid any contact with him, and that plan didn't go well. :D He was invisible for at least 10 seconds, and guess what, he appeared over my car, there was no crash but I've got two 4x fo that, I was so pi**ed off, that I've lost my temper and during swearing lost the control (2x). :D Worse than worst. I had 3.75 SR (rookie) before that race, was so close to D class, but noooooooooooo another sh*t happened. The race before this catastrophic race, one drunk guy (he claimed that he was drunk), was driving zig zag and ofcourse he crashed into me, like I have some bullseye logo on my car. In two days my SR dropped from 3.75 to 3.20, 3 or 4 catastrophic races, all because retard drivers, and blokes with baaad connection that want to finish the race at any price.

    I was so close to quit Iracing after that day.

    If I want to avoid all the incidents on any race, I must skip the qualy for that week, start from behind and drive very slow and be very cautious. The thing is - I subscribed to enjoy proper racing, not to cruise! It's a mentality of any racer - be fastest anytime anywhere, and iRacing is trying to kill that.

    How on earth to get D class licence?
  11. Predrag,

    As being a rookie you have only one goal, to get out of rookie...use time trails until D class, no shame in that, with skippy, Jetta, Mustang races are much more cleaner, start at the back and work your way up
  12. After each Time Trial I get +0.04 SR. So I must drive tons of TTs (that didn't sound too well). :D
  13. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    You could in a sense also not focus on getting results during a race, but purely go about finishing it without incidents. If you have a nervous/dangerous guy on your rear bumper, go wide and let him pass. Only overtake when you really can't do anything else, or when the oppertunity is safe enough to proceed through it without incidents. I got out of Rookie that way in less than 24 hours from getting my membership and I too had a 14x incident race to start off with. In the end you will see that your results are not that bad, because half the field is too eager to drive consistent. You will pick up the crashers and nervous drivers throughout the race as they DNF or go off track. It's the best way to go in my opinion. Going for TT is a safe way, but a slow one, while races can give you a lot of SR.
  14. I always get at least 2 off track during TT, it's in my blood to drive on the limit. Will try to behave. :)
    Does the faster lap times during TT can add some more SR points, or can I just cruise 30 minutes and get same amount of SR?

    Thanks for all directions and answers guys. :)
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Time is not influencing your SR in TT. Cruise mode is enough to score the points :)
  16. Ok, get it. So logically the formula is more incident free laps in 30 minutes = more SR points? I guess it's not the same when you drive 10 insted of 20 clear laps.
  17. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    The formula is to drive as much corners as possible without incidents. So in a way the faster you drive the more SR you get, because you get to drive more corners. However, it's advisable to build in a bit of reserve in your driving so that you can comfortably turn laps without getting close to incidents. You have to drive a huge amount of corners to compensate for an incident if you score one, so it's better to drive comfortably and miss out on, say, one lap because your not pushing, rather than to drive really fast and then hit a 1x or a 2x.

    In my opinion it's still better to drive the races. Even in Rookie the experience you get from trying to drive incident-free races in a 'high-risk' field is very benificial to your ability to finish races in the long term. My iRating was boosted by me profiting from other people's mistakes while I kept those to a minimum. I owe that to hunting for SR.
  18. I drive a lot of TT's, but mostly for MPR (though I plan on bumping from my 2.97 to above 3.0 to get my Class 'A' Road using a TT that will put me to at least a 3.4, and then doing races once I'm safely above - probably SR8 at Zandy tonight - did Vette last night). While I want the 'A' license, I prefer to run the lower levels right now (SM/Skippy, and now that I've tried the Fixed Setup Vette, I might give it a spin before I move to Indy).

    Agree with Yoeri though - in general races are the way to go. Much faster, gain experience and hey, that's why I pay my money anyway - to race.
  19. Ab,

    Your net may have been perfecto from your end but you have to account for netcode on the servers in the US trying to ascertain where both your car, and the other drivers car are on the track every split second. If either of you had a dip in ping then the netcode may see your cars occupying the same part of the track, even though you see a definite gap.

    Like when your ping was poor and we all saw you blinking on the track, I doubt you were aware of this until you were told. Imagine what the servers in the US are having to cope with. Whilst it could be improved, I think they still do a decent job with it.