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SQ files from rally championship 2000

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by justukas, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm very interested how to open SQ files to view tracks from rally championship 2000.
    Is it possible to open this kind of file?
    Maybe there are some kind of special software?

    All tracks from RC2000 you can find at http://www.truma.lt/sq/maps/
  2. Berglez has the rally championship tracks in .max format here which will open in 3dsmax, or alteros if you just want to look at them. The thing about rally championship is that the stages are real so they can be easily mapped in google earth. I've mapped all of them so far and am working on Clocaenog mid as my main project because it's quite close to where I live
  3. Are you planning to import those stages to RBR? I remember that the stages were pretty realistic and it would be great to drive them in RBR. :)
  4. I'm working on Penmachno, another RC2000 stage. Mapped the stage in G.E., Then processed with Zaxxon's method. ps0.JPG

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  5. I'm going to see how it goes with clocaenog because it's been quite hard work so far, probably my own fault because it's constructed of more than 20 different roads and I've tried to reproduce it faithfully. I drove half of it in my car, very slowly, a few weeks ago and I want to go back with a video camera and drive the whole thing. The makers of RC took some poetic license in order to keep frame rates up and some bits are very far from the reality. The good thing is that I can use the original rbr road textures from keilder as they are very similar to clocaenog. I should have a version of it ready to try in a few weeks with any luck. I really want to do the kielder stages but they are all very long and I don't know if my computer could handle them or if they would be driveable in RBR.
  6. Sorry for such a massive bump, hope it's allowed since it's relevant. The SQ files are most likely for "Sequence". These files are compiled versions of SQSL (Sequence Source Level [afaik]). SQSL files can be found in SRCLEVELS in the demo versions, which suggests they've been edited for the demos.

    There is an ingame track and car editor for this game (seen in this video
    ), but there are no ways to access them.

    I've been looking into SQ files though and they're kinda weird. I tried editing one part and i got "Cannot get best line", editing other parts just crash the game so far.
  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
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