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Spotter Plugin during race

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Pawson, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I don't seem to get anything happen with the Spotter plugin during a race, but it works for practice and quali sessions, is this something with GSC or do I need to do something else with Spotter configuration? I have to admit that I've only just installed it over the last 3 days or so and I'm new to the plugin, but I also must say it's very good and adds that extra bit realism and fun to GSC!

  2. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence


    i had that too keith , you have to delete a few files in the config folder , the other files used for the other configs and leave the one you prefer, this is for the rfdn hud
  3. Thanks Noel, I'm using the Spotter plugin, not rfdn hud, spotter adds a virtual spotter that informs you of lap times, car damage, tyre temps and so forth. See http://www.virtualr.net/spotter-plugin-217-released/

    Or does rfdn come with it and you are saying to use it and delete a few lines in the config folder?

  4. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence

    the rfdn seems to have all that except i cannot see the car damage , unless you mean engine health , ican see that , and yes you delete a few lines in config folder cheers noel
  5. I have just heard something in race with spotter... It seems to work...
  6. I found a post from a Google search and removed the VR component and turned off push to talk and the spotter did talk a few times during a race, not as much as prac but that's probably a good thing, although it would be good if he said green flag. Still it's a great add-on just a shame it's no longer being worked on.
  7. Can you be more precise. What didi you removed exactly? The entire folder?
    If you disabled the VR in the spotterconfig.exe, you can't use dynamic names isn't it?
  8. I renamed the vr.exe to vr.exe.old and in the config area I unchecked the push to talk or something like that... sorry I'm not in front of my racing computer at the moment. Don't think I'm using dynamic names anyway, just the normal voice for laptimes and car temps etc is all I'm after for now.

    Out of interest, how do you have your setup and what do you use with etc?