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Spotlight Wrc4

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by francobart1959, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. I noticed that in wrc4, turning the evening do not turn on the headlights. Maybe there some
    key on the keyboard or on the steering wheel to be set
  2. Shame, but it's a bug. Nothing has to do.
  3. I noticed that too that the headlights are not working. Bugbear is just an amazing company. Amazingly bad.

    Another thing I have just realized is that in WRC3 I was unable to go setup the cars because of some issue with the mapped keys some users had (like me).

    I was curious to see if they fixed that in this edition AND THEY DID!!!

    How? You can no longer setup the car. At least in the cars I have tried. I am yet to try the WRC cars (I tried all the lower cars trying to dial in the broken FFB)
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  4. Can someone please tell me how this compares to RBR / RSRBR ? is it any good ? is it worth buying the game ? (not interested in arcade racing)
  5. It's not even in the same planet. The FFB is very bad, Graphics are obviously much better than RBR but I cannot think of a single thing where WRC4 (or 3) is better than RBR beside the graphics.