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Sports Car World Cup S1

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Chris Bell, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Welcome to the Sports Car World Cup, this is for licensed members only and will follow the official RD rules.​

    Race Day:

    Alfa 8C​
    Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, DB9 Coupe, DBS, V12 Vantage​
    Audi R8, TT RS Coupe, S5​
    Bentley Continental GT, Contenantal Supersports​
    BMW M3 Coupe, M6 Coupe​
    Cadillac CTS-V Coupe​
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2002, Grand Sport, Z06 2006,​
    Dodge Viper GTS ACR, SRT-10​
    Ferrari F355, California, 575M, GTO, 612, F355 Challenge, 360, F430​
    Ford GT​
    Honda NSX-R​
    Jaguar XKR-S​
    Lotus Exige Cup, Evora​
    Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, CL 65 AMG, SL 65 AMG Black​
    Morgan Aero Supersorts​
    Nissan 370Z, Skyline GT-R V-Spec,​
    Panoz Esperante GTLM​
    Spyker C8​
    Tesla Roadster​
    TVR Tuscan S, Sagaris​

    TCS (Traction control system): Banned​
    ABS (Anti-lock braking): Banned​
    STM (Stability Management): Banned​
    Racing/brake line: Allowed​
    Gearbox: Auto, Manual, Manual with Clutch: Allowed​

    Upgrades: Up to A600​
    Setup: Allowed​
    • Full damage will be utilised.
    • Each race event will be either 2 heats, with 10 laps each heat or a 20 lap endurance event inc Manditory Pitstop.
    • Heat 1 Normal grid (random).
    • Heat 2 reverse grid.
    • It will auto load Heat 2.
    • Timeout will be set to 2 minutes after the first person has crossed the line.
    • Teams will be allowed. (It will be the case of picking another driver to make the team up and I will do the points after the race).
    • Lobby will open at 8.15pm (UK Time) to allow for any connection issues.
    • This will be open to all Licensed Members.
    • If you are not connected by the race start time, you will not be able to race. If you get disconnected during the race, you will miss the race, unless everyone disconnects.
    1st 10​
    2nd 8​
    3rd 6​
    4th 5​
    5th 4​
    6th 3​
    7th 2​
    8th 1​
    Fastest lap 1​

    Race Calendar


    Suzuka Grand Prix​
    20 Laps​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​

    Tsukuba Full​
    2 Heats, 10 Laps each​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​

    Montegi Full​
    20 Laps​
    8.30pm, (UK Time)​


    Road Atlanta Full​
    2 Heats, 10 Laps each​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​

    Sebring Full​
    20 Laps​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​

    Sunset Peninsula​
    2 Heats, 10 Laps each​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​

    Laguna Seca​
    20 Laps​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​


    Nurburgring Grand Prix Full​
    20 Laps​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​

    Mugello Full​
    2 Heats, 10 Laps each​
    8.30 (UK Time)​

    Silverstone GP​
    10 laps plus 15 laps manditory pit​
    8.30pm (UK Time)​

    How do I signup?
    Please use the following template​
    Name on RD:​
    Race Colours: (Pick 2 colours, a 3rd colour is optional) (See signed up colours first)​
    Race Number: (No higher than 99) (See signed up and reserved numbers first)​
    Team Name: (This is only applicable if you have a team)​
    Team Drivers: (This is only applicable if you have a team)​

    If you have a team, each driver will need to post.​
    There is a maximum of 2 drivers per team.​

    Reserved Numbers
    Ryan Daniels/5​
    Ash Kendall/11​
    Daz Webb/19​
    Tom Moreno/21​
    Dan Smith/23​
    Stefan Liversidge/32​
    Alex Townsend/34​
    Garry Pullen/39​
    Peter Cosgrave/42​
    Karl Raper/57​
    Wayne Thomas/63​
    Paulo Ribeiro/66​
    Steve Freeman/69​
    Chris Bell/76​
    Dan Lathan/88​
    Krzysztof Lipczynski/99​
    Joe Lund – Number: 3​
    Paul Armstrong – Number: 04​
    Jack Evans – Number: 6​
    Dylan Hember – Number: 7​
    Derek McCord – Number: 14​
    Andrew Skinner – Number: 22​
    Matt Smaith – Number: 45​

    Confirmed Drivers
    Chris Bell/Bellmond570
    Wayne Thomas/Defythemachine
    Mark Greenall/Marksman669
    Dan Smith/Mysticviibrosis
    Andrew Skinner/Andtidus
    Steve Freeman/Freakster69
    Paulo Ribeiro/Pribeiro66
    Krzysztof Lipczynski/LKRISS22
    Karl Raper/ xxKarlosxx
  2. What day is best for eveyone??? When do you want to start???

    Please feel free to post when you would like to race!!!!
  3. Interesting. Would love to drop in as often as I can.

    Same car for the whole series or can we change?

    Monday or Weds?
  4. Wednesday mate, im not sure mate see what people would want to do
  5. Weds would be ok for me. Halfway down thread it mentions Monday.
  6. yer i copied the text from the classic car cup
  7. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    marksman669 can you add me chris if anyone drops out?
  8. When you planning the first race?
  9. Count me in Chris, will miss odd races due to my shift pattern, Weds fine with me.
    When are you planning 1st race? Putting dates for each round? ( so i can check my shifts )
    I vote for keeping same vehicle choice for whole series, works quite well with the classic tourers, different cars have different strengths, would make more of a share of points over the season.
    Steve Freeman/FREAKSTER69
    no 69 pls
    If its agreed to keep same vehicle for season, are you setting deadline date for selection/ colours?
    Good work Chris, should be fun.
  10. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    Name on RD: Garry Pullen
    Gamertag: Crazy BigGaz
    Race Colours: Yellow, Red and Black
    Race Number: 39
  11. What about having ONE car for each event series? After all variety Is the spice of life!

    Wayne Thomas / DefytheMachine / white,red,black / 63
  12. How about choosing 3 cars. 1 for speed, 1 for handling and 1 for everything in between.

    Dan Smith / MysticViibrosis / Purple, White, Black / 23
  13. im in mate if races r on wednesdays.
    Andrew Skinner / Andtidus / 22 / Red, White and Blue
  14. Not sure on the dates yet guys, id like to start asap but id like to leave it a little to see if the grid fills,
    as far as the cars go, i initially thought one for the season but im am happy to have a vote or something to decide!

    Ill pop you all down guys :)

    Votes regarding number of cars

    1 car per season = 3
    1 car per race = 1
    3 cars per season = 2
  15. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    Sorry chris i'm bit of a novice re forza 4, am i allowed race tyres? is it basically anything i want but not to exceed 600?
    thanks in advance mate.
  16. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Very nice, do you guys want to ruin my social life? So many brilliant series running now and I would like to do all. :cool:
    Regarding number of cars, I vote for 1 car for each continent.

    Not sure if I can attend to all races, but I will try.

    Name on RD: Paulo Ribeiro​
    Gamertag: pribeiro66​
    Race Colours: White - Green - Red​
    Race Number: 66​
    P.S. I will be praying for a 50's and/or 60's serie or Le Mans 1h30 endurance race with at least 2 classes of cars. ;)
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  17. Thats right mate anything up to A600
  18. Just a quick update guys, looking at the votes it seems one car per season is the option we will take!

    I am looking at when to start and think to make sure everyone has time to create their car we should start mid-January along with a few of the other cups/leagues!!

    How is the 11th Jan for everybody???
  19. Wednesday is sometimes a problem for me because I participate in league football. But I will try :)

    Krzysztof Lipczynski / LKRISS22 / White, green and red / 99
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  20. Not sure on commitment to this series as yet, so feel free to put me as a 'reserve/maybe' driver

    Daz Webb / Dazmaniac360
    Red, White, Dk Blue

    As for the content vote, I would go with 3 cars for the season, but have one for racing in EUROPE, one for racing in ASIA and one for racing in USA.