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Sponsoring a Vette, DP and Radical hosted session

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Sk3ptik0n, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I wanted to host a longer race during week 13 for the Vette, DP and Radical at a track to be named later. Basically, I am starting a tradition where I will sponsor a playoff for my main series division (Star Mazda Division 7) and a longer GT style race in week 13. But I would like to see what participation would be like if I do.

    I also would take suggestions as far as cars and tracks as well as length of race.

    Ideally, I would love to offer prizes for the podium and that could be done if every participant would pay $1 to enter (then I'd divide the pot among the first place finishers), but I am not sure about the feasibility of collecting a single $1. Any ideas in that respect would be welcome.
  2. No need for prizes, if this is done durning week 13 you should get lots of people looking to race. I would race.
  3. I just thought the prices would make things more competitive, but on second thought, one things we don't lack in sim racing is competitiveness.

    Anyway all those interested, please post here so I can get an idea of the best format.

    What I'd like to know is:

    What track?
    What cars?
    How many laps/how much time?
  4. Well I would join ya, however dont wait on me. I would have to buy the DP and Radical and the funds just arent there without me getting skinned alive by the wife... lol... Good idea though and sounds like fun.
  5. I like the DP most out of the 3 you mentioned. But I know a lot of people here brought the vette for one of the club events so that may be a good choice. I will race anything, even a scooter at Road America, I've never raced at Philip Island but I have put in many practice laps there and it is awesome. A timed 30-40 min race(no pit stop) or a 50-60 min race (w/mandatory pit) sounds good to me. One thing I've noticed about hosted races is if it is too long people will crash and leave or the gaps get so big that they give up and leave.
  6. Will it be a licenced event or can anyone partisipate who can drive sensibly?
  7. Hosted events are not licence restricted. Anyone can join.
  8. Cool, Ill be there then.
    Spa, or Brands.