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Skins Sponsored Gloves & Shoes for 2013 Season

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by ALKMNDZA, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. 1) This are the gloves & shoes for every team for this season, are just the .png files (1024x1024 Version and 2048x2048 Version), Open the .pssg files with Ryder PSSG Editor, extract helmet texture and paste the gloves over the helmet, and made the logos invisible.

    Download Links:

    (1024x1024 Version): http://www.putlocker.com/file/A66807065C9F8C77

    (2048x2048 Version): http://www.putlocker.com/file/8061044F3932EDAB

    Some gloves preview (Sponsored 2013):


    2) How can you made the logos invisible?

    I give you this files! http://www.mediafire.com/?6bayha9pafevari , with this files you can made the logos and sponsors turn "invisible". They are the _D, _N and _S textures. So if you open a helmet.pssg with Ryder PSSG Editor (Cars/Team or Characters/Models/higtxt_XXXX from your game), you will see this:


    You most import my "no glove sponsor" textures in the corresponding .tga file (in the "_glove_logo_d.tga" you most import the "NO GLOVE LOGOS_D") (You most do it in the 3 .tga files).

    Video Tutorial (My first try to made a video like this :D just see what i do):

    Enjoy it! :x3: And use them well :cool:
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  2. can make please a video tutorial ?
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  3. Hi download links could be by other mediafare for example?
  4. Can't u just upload the package ready to be played?
  5. suits f1 2013 please,,,
  6. I need a lot of permission to do that :cautious: i didnt made the helmets! just the gloves :cautious:

    I dont made suits, just waiting for the 2013 mod by v1tek

    Why? putlocker works and the file size are just 3mb and 8mb

    I will try, i never made a video like this before
  7. :x3:
  8. Anybody understand the video? :cautious:

  9. they are included in my 2013 mod now ready to play

    same thing its in my 2013 mod suits and gloves

    just go to http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/f1-2013-mod.68065/

    but make sure you thank ALKMNDZA for his great work and for allowing me to use his mod in my 2013 mod
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  10. thanks. masterpiece work.:cool:
  11. great gloves! Thanks
  12. Thanks again, ALKMNDZA ! Very good Job !!:thumbsup:
  13. @ALKMNZDA eres español? No tenia ni idea.
  14. Only English Is Allowed On RD... Mod/Admin Said That many times :)
  15. does this mod put sponsors back to my gloves in career?
  16. Just awesome, thank you:).I prefer original gloves than personally created.I don't have good ideas what should i put on it so i leave it as it:D
  17. If you do everything i show, you will get sponsored gloves in your carrer
  18. From Venezuela :D