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splits sectors optimal best lap assetto corsa

  1. Murilo Faria submitted a new resource:

    Splits App - splits sectors optimal best lap assetto corsa

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  2. Erg


    First update didn't work for me, nothing changed. Gonna try the second update soon.

    By the way if you can color the fonts as purple, green and white it would be perfect. If the current lap's sectors are best ones they might be purple and if only better than last one green..
  3. If AC doesn't output splits I don't see how you're going to be a able to do it.

    Another app that doesn't work.

  4. Erg


    It works ok now. I couldn't notice a distinctive frame drop. Thank you.

    Color times (best(purple) and better(green))
  5. AC doesn't support splits only in multiplayer
  6. Tried the latest version and no visible drop in FPS .. however ... I did notice the game started jerking after I completed a lap .. this would need looking at .. also .. color coding splits that are down in red & up in green would be good .. for a quick glance to see how the lap is going. keep at it .. it will get there
  7. Hi Border, thanks for your feedback.
    I'll consider include colors in next version and performance problem was solved in version 1.0.3.
  8. Hi Erg,
    You can test the version 1.0.3, the performance problem was solved and in the next version I'll follow your suggestion about colors.
  9. I am still getting a little stuttering .. I am using v 1.3 and have deleted the .ini file , this is good but smoothness for me is paramount. My rig runs AC at 145 - 150 FPS solidwith zero stuttering. If this keeps stuttering I will uninstall. Shame I do like having the info on screen.
  10. Erg


    Hi Murillo,

    After completing 2 laps at Grobnik I have only one sector timing.
    My laps are 1.27.300 and 1.26.500 with Evora GX without going off the track (if it's necessary to let you know)

    Here is a screenshot.

    I'm using v.1.0.5
  11. Erg


    I deleted the .ini file and it worked for the first lap. But then, it stopped working and no more sector and lap times shown.
  12. Hi Erg, thanks for your reply, which car and track are you using?
  13. Erg


    I used Evora GX on Grobnik, Hilltop Club and RedbullRing.
  14. Could you please post this file ...\Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\py_log.txt after the bug occurs?
  15. Erg


    It's an empty file.
    I attached the splits.ini file:

    Attached Files: