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Split time duration

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Mr Pibb, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Many thanks to CM for the in-race split-times at end of sectors, but I find the duration the split time is displayed is too short. If the split time's displayed immediately before a chicane or something, by the time I've negotiated the chicane and then get a chance to glance at the split-time, it's gone.

    I have a TH2Go and the split-time is on the upper left of the left monitor (post-patch), so not really in my conscious view.

    Besides, if the split-time difference to next car is more than the 10 secs or so the split-time's displayed, then nothing gets displayed at all, so I'm clueless as to where I stand - just like it was pre-patch.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the duration the split-times are displayed?

    Many thanks.
  2. i believe not..
  3. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Don't know why they can't allow a button to be pressed to show this information at any time you want. I am like you I simply don't have the time to view it most of the time as I am too busy negotiating some part of the track. I have missed a braking point while checking out the splits too many times so just have to keep my eyes on what I am doing.
  4. but in reality.. thats exactly like it.. drivers dont get split times or anything shown to them.. even if you did.. it would really be a distraction... as u need to concentrate hard to nail a perfect lap.. as a matter of fact.. concentrate hard to just complete a lap...
    they only get their messages via radio..
  5. drivers do get the pit boards with split times and other info :)

    but yea, would be perfect if CM introduced a half decent race engineer to give you gaps to car in front and behind when you ask for it, and also some better counsel when it comes to tire choices in rain races
  6. There are places on most tracks where you can relax for a second or two, and it would be handy if you could press a button and bring up the gap times. It is at this time real F1 drivers would be on the radio requesting info.(I wouldn't trust my engineer to give me the information over the radio with any accuracy, but would like it on screen)
  7. DC has often mentioned while talking through a drivers lap, especially when it's an onboard-cam lap, that drivers can tell if their sector is up or not by their "delta time" on the dash.

    GPxPatch for GP4 provides a button to press to display last sector information. It is so useful that I now have it permanently displayed on a 20x4 LCD on a home-made F1 wheel I made for my G25! I find it hard to race and stratergise without this split-time info now. In F1 2010 a button press would be ideal but I'd settle for it being displayed maybe 5 secs longer. Like Hammerpgh, I've missed so many braking points or lost rhythm looking at split-times at inopportune times!!
  8. I have tired to do this as I wanted my time's to stay up longer as quickly looking at them at critical moment's is very hazardous. But to no avail, the game crashes upon load with the edited file, so it appear's it cant be done !
  9. So you're saying there is a file to edit for this? And what file would that be? I'm familiar with converting/modding xml's so please do tell!
  10. even i wouldn't trust my engineer too ceegee... he is only concerned about alonso at the moment..
  11. @ Mr Pibb the file you need is in frontend called persistentdatacommon.xml. I can convert it and edit it but when you convert it back the game crashes upon load I think it is an anti cheat measure
    <!-- osd durations -->
    <duration id="player_positions_fade_in" timeperiod="{1.0}" />
    <duration id="osd_split_intro" timeperiod="{0.3}" />

    That's the code. Try it if you have any luck let me know !