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Splendid Endurance Series video by 6e66o

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Bram, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    A brilliant new video showcasing the Endurance Series mod for rFactor by EnduRacers Modding Group.

    Released just a few days ago it seems this mod has already a lot of fans inside the rFactor community.


    More of 6e66o screenshots & movies you can find on his website click here
  2. Very cool video indeed!
  3. Georg Ortner

    Georg Ortner
    Sector3 Studios Premium

    Thank you!
    Finally its available in HD now too :)
  4. Douglas Aird

    Douglas Aird

    I need to find my re-activation key for rFactor right NOW!!!!! :)
  5. Awesome video by 6e66o, as usual :) That's it, I'm signing up to the RDLMS league! :D

    One question that's been on my mind a while, do the position lights on the side of the car actually work?
  6. Awesome video and awesome mod. One of the best. How can i have the talk information in car? And thanks a lot for sharing this video.
  7. Great video,and super mod.Just installed and did not had much sleep last night:)
  8. Georg Ortner

    Georg Ortner
    Sector3 Studios Premium

  9. Bloody amazing video. Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff... I think this mod'll be the subject of my next review. :D
  10. Hi, 6e66o, thanks a lot for the link. and to thank you personaly the awesome video. Very well done. I´m going to install the spotter now and see how it works. Thanks again.