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Speeding Ticket, Olé!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    ...speeding 153km/h where 120km/h was allowed. Just found the ticket in the mail. Normally I would agree but come on at 4 minutes to midnight on a deserted highway?. Result: EUR 170

    NL-Cops this one is for you: -----> :thumbdown: And yes, the whole nation is proud of you guys :D!

    I want to bet that they drove home to mommy after work at the same speed as I did.

    This also proves dutchies that you can be flashed when decreasing speed as i was full on the brakes :)

  2. Clearly you didnt wear your work outfit or he would let you go:)

    It sucks!!
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think i will not pay and see them in court. Cool: 7 days to jail or something :) Sorry guys, i will have to close RaceDepartment during my absense :D

    Now you will all like the police :)
  4. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    I got done by a speed camera a few years ago, driving a cab, 2:30 in the morning, deserted road, 36 in a 30 limit, £60 and 3 points, b*******s
  5. Clearly you are a very bad man :D

    I thought all speed cameras got chopped down or shot in Holland? :D
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Naah, we act though but are actually a bunch of n00bs :)
  7. 33 km/h above the limit be happy you are not in germany it would have cost you your driver licens for atleast 1 month + 170 € :D
    for futur speedings remember not to drive faster as 20 km/h above the limit to hold the costs down :)

    *Speeding for the win*
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Speeding in Germany is like ugly women in the Playboy, hard to believe :)
  9. it is i tell ya even we have some part on the highways we can go for it mostly its limited to 120, 100 and 80 and there they enforce it as bad as they can
    latley more and more provida cars are on the routes (civil camara cars)
    so my rule is simple drive not faster as 20 kmh over the limit you will go away with 35€ :D
  10. I'll be honest here:

    Personally, I believe that people should be able to drive at the speed they're comfortable at, no matter what that speed is. I reckon that without low and strict speed limits, the amount of crashes on roads around the world would go down.

    If you think you have it bad in NL, you should see the situation with speed limits and cameras here in Australia. I have not heard of a single road in my state where the speed limit is over 110km/h, and there are cameras everywhere. They even announce where cameras are on the radio, there are so many... :p I've also heard of less scrupulous police tinkering with the cameras in places... I remember hearing about two groups of police officers strategically placing cameras on a downhill slope, where they knew there would be cars going over the limit, and held a competition to see which group could get the most fine money from their cameras... :/

    That said... Bram, I hate to say it, but you shouldn't have been driving that far over the limit. It doesn't matter how deserted the road is, or what time of the day or night it was... You may have been comfortable at that speed but if the limit's there you stick to it. Just saying that you might not approve of it, but it's the law.
  11. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    C'mon Rhys, how boring would life be if you always stuck to the law as a 16yo ;-)
  12. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    This action of yours will be the next installment of GTA Bram :D

    Now seriously this is ridicilous. You must be able to exceed in midnight. Or for a short time. Even in Turkey this is not so strict. Your police must be enjoying consuming people's money. Really sorry mate. Do you have any ways to get rid of that money penalty ? Trialing or something ?

    Thank God there is simracing. Otherwise where would we feed our need for speed :)
  13. if there would be no sims out there i am for sure would have lost my driver license years ago lol :D
  14. Thomas Hackel

    Thomas Hackel
    Honk - Forum Games Moderator

    Last week i got "friendly" mail too.
    Speedlimit outside city, so it was
    70km/h + 10km/h = 15.-€.
  15. Still that's cheap :).

    Within build-up area, 20kmh over the limit = €111
    Outside build-up area, 20kmh over the limit = €105
    On the motorway, 20kmh over the limit = €99

    heck, 10kmh over the limit on the motorway is already €40

    My dad once received a fine from Germany, I thought 15kmh over the limit on the Autobahn, fine was €26

  16. Would be 43,-€ here..
  17. Thomas Hackel

    Thomas Hackel
    Honk - Forum Games Moderator

    This is the newest catalogue, how you can spend your money on german streets: :rolleyes:

    Inside built-up areas (also in 30 km/h areas !)

    < 10 km/h 15,- EUR
    11-15 km/h 25,- EUR
    16-20 km/h 35,- EUR
    21-25 km/h 80,- EUR, 1 Punkt (if you reach 18 points, your licence is gone!)
    26-30 km/h 100,- EUR, 3 Punkte
    31-40 km/h 160,- EUR, 3 Punkte, 1 Monat Fahrverbot (banned from driving)
    41-50 km/h 200,- EUR, 4 Punkte, 1 Monat Fahrverbot
    51-60 km/h 280,- EUR, 4 Punkte, 2 Monate Fahrverbot
    61-70 km/h 480,- EUR, 4 Punkte, 3 Monate Fahrverbot
    + 70 km/h 680,- EUR, 4 Punkte, 3 Monate Fahrverbot

    outside built-up areas (z.B. Landstraße (country road), Autobahn (motorway), auch in Baustellen(road works))

    < 10 km/h 10,- EUR
    11-15 km/h 20,- EUR
    16-20 km/h 30,- EUR
    21-25 km/h 70,- EUR, 1 Punkt
    26-30 km/h 80,- EUR, 3 Punkte
    31-40 km/h 120,- EUR, 3 Punkte
    41-50 km/h 160,- EUR, 3 Punkte, 1 Monat Fahrverbot
    51-60 km/h 240,- EUR, 4 Punkte, 1 Monat Fahrverbot
    61-70 km/h 440,- EUR, 4 Punkte, 2 Monate Fahrverbot
    + 70 km/h 600,- EUR, 4 Punkte, 3 Monate Fahrverbot
  18. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    In NL we now have between 1000-2000 traffic cams all over the country, which is not that big :)

    People earning the driving license after 2000? (don't know the year) will receive -points too, but Bram/me are too old for this:) So we are without point restrictions so far :)

    < 30 km/h is normal speeding ticket
    > 30 km/h is special which can be variable, to be calculated afterwards + chance of visiting some legal instances :)
    > 50 km/h, say bye bye to your driving license for a while... Somewhere between days and weeks.
    > 70 or double the allowed limit (not sure): say bye bye to your car.

    We are also getting tickets if its only 1-5 km above limit.

    And, also here camera's are announced by cops, but also our radio stations will broadcast camera's located and phoned by drivers.

    Its just another so called milking cow in our country :)
  19. I feel your pain. If you would have done that here you wouldn't have your license any more.

    At two o'clock on a tuesday morning a police car caught me doing 135 kph on the motorway, where 110 kph is allowed. They were parked on the side of the road with their laser ready. At freakin' two o'clock on a weekday morning. Don't they have.. something else to do? I don't see how me, driving slightly over the speed limit on an empty motorway can be a higher priority than.. I don't know.. Doing some proper police work? Stop people from being mugged or something. That made me about €300 poorer. And it was just three weeks after getting my license, something that the officer was very annoyed about.

    Then again, I had just eased off quite a bit since I knew that I was entering the county of notorious speed monitoring. If they had been posted a few kilometres earlier I probably wouldn't have a license today.
  20. Nope, those points are only for the first 5 years when you have you license, called a beginnersrijbewijs.

    I think everyone with a paper license has three golden strips at the top in the center of the license. Those 3 are the 'points for the beginners'. You can lose one when you break article 5, (anything dangerous, like overtaking in a corner you can't look through), or if you drink and drive, and if you speed 30kmh or higher on normal roads or 40kmh and higher on the motorway.
    Also the beginners have a little different rules:
    Beginners - max 0.2 promille alcohol
    Normal - max 0.5 promille

    Also your rules have changed a bit.
    :inlove:0kmh in build-up area or outside build-up, but NOT on the motorway = normal fine
    <40kmh on motorway is a normal fine
    30kmh and higher depends where and how. Officer of justice decides what happens
    40kmh higher on motorway, justice depends what and how.

    On 21st of dec 2010 I'll finally lose my beginners license :) I haven't had a fine in my first 4 years :).

    We had this kind iof thing last year:

    A lot of speeding cameras were packed with a box, so they couldn't picture any driver.

    The real speeding fines:

    First row is: Km too fast
    second: Inside build up area
    3rd: outside build up area
    4th: motorway