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XB1 Speed Sensitive Steering

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by mycustardlove, May 11, 2015.

  1. Can someone just explain again what speed sensitive steering setting is...
    as i understand it in brief simple terms its at low speed the car is more twitchy and easy to turn in.....and at high speed less responsive..turns slower
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  2. You explain it just good to youself mate. :D
    The bigger the number is the more that "sluggishness at high speed" is.
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  3. Ta very much....just trying to get this wheel set up properly
  4. I always read that if you use wheel (like I do) you MUST set this at 0%.
    Well... on my RL car, some stylish:D non-tuned Ford Mondeo I feel a lot of... sluggishness and, why not say... center dead zone but I just can't make myself to use any dead zone with games but with speed sensitive wheel is a deifferent story, I set this from 3 to 5%. Hope it helps you ...somehow. :)
  5. you dont need to use speed sensitivity with proper wheel
  6. I got real relic Logitech momo wheel. :notworthy:
    Let me know if that's ...proper enough for you. :)