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Speed loses F1 broadcast rights in 2013

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Michael Brown, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. I'm guessing this is good ?

    From what I've seen of Speed Coverage, I can see why Americans don't know much about F1 :laugh:
  2. Yeah it is very good, because a bigger channel like NBC would be able to better promote F1 than Speed can, because everybody has NBC but you have to pay for Speed. And they might as well start now, because there's going to be two races in the US.
  3. I´ve seen one american broadcast and i was amazed at the lack of understanding in road racing.

    Like when you see the car behind sometimes goes out of the slipstream before a braking zone just to get some air on the car, perhaps some downforce or cool the engines, everytime someone did that they went crazy and thought a pass was coming up regardless if the guy was way behind the other guy :)
  4. Speed are miles behind Sky Sports and the BBC when it comes to F1 coverage. But I suspect this will be a step backwards for those who enjoy F1 and have no choice but to watch NBC. NBC's Olympics coverage is a complete joke and I suspect they will do the same when it comes to F1.
  5. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    Any coverage in the states is welcomed. Don't care how bad as long as I can watch it.
  6. Only time will tell how this is going to work out. I'm guessing almost all of the coverage is going to be on NBC sports (formerly known as Versus). The network does dedicate quite a bit of time to the IndyCar series, complete with one hour pre-race shows and a pretty substantial post-race follow-up. All we can do is hope F1 gets the same type of treatment. As far as the current team goes, it's true they may not be the best or the most knowledgable in the world, but I do enjoy their enthusiasm for the sport. Some combination of this team has been covering F1 in the USA since I was born, so they must be good for something - comfort and familiarity at minimum. I've never had access to SkySports or BBC coverage so maybe I just don't know what I'm missing

    Continued live coverage of qualy and the race is definitely going to be a big emphasis from fans, so I assume they will try to accomodate us - what else is on live at those hours anyway? I like watching Friday practice as well, but missing it wouldn't be the end of the world I suppose.

    I'm also a pretty big fan of GP2, so I'm really hoping we still get that coverage as well. NBC sports does show Indy Lights, so that is a good omen.
  7. So..... Speed decided Formula 1 took too much air-time from Nascar so they are dropping it eh ?

    Cancelling the Bathurst 1000 for the replay of a Nascar quali ? Reeeeeeeeeally ?!
  8. Speed Channel will be shutdown, here in Brazil there is no More speed, just Fox Sports, which broadcast Nascar.
  9. Yeah, Fox is taking away the Speed brand and the channel is just going to be another Fox Sports channel next year. Sad to see Speed go away, i've watched the channel for years (just race coverage, none of those dumb reality shows) and will be sad to see it go.

    Apparently NBC has said that they will be broadcasting all the F1 races live, which is surprising considering they had the balls to delay the Olympics broadcast in the US by hours.
  10. Considering most F1 races will air "live" at anywhere from 10pm-8am here I don't think they're worried about it running into their prime time progamming
  11. http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/49410415/ns/sports-motor_sports/
    Good news so far. Still hoping for GP2 coverage as well

    Even though FOX is killing the "Speed" brand, I hope they continue to cover MotoGP and V8 Supercars among other things. Realistically, someone is always going to cover F1 in the USA because there is a dedicated (if small) bunch of us. These other racing series... who knows what will happen
  12. No, what I meant was that they would delay the broadcast to either move it into prime time (like what happened with the Olympics) or try to move it to a more viewer-friendly time (like FOX did with the 3 races it broadcast).
  13. Speed is an awful channel. They should just call it the Nascar Channel... That's all they show.
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