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Speed Limit and Tire/car adjustments

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Steve Pearce, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Hi, wonder if anyone can help.

    For the league I run, we want to increase pit road speed from 24mph up to 45 or so. This is easy enough to do through the gdb file for each track, but is there a way that I can make it do it as a default for the mod so i dont have to change each track individually?

    Secondly and more importantly, some tracks (such as FVR's Hamilton) only allow the use of certain tyres (in that case, Enduro's). But some tracks, such as Adelaide, allow both sets to be used. I cant see any setting in the gdb or similar, so i was wondering how these could be changed? Is there something in the vehicle settings?

    And in a similar vein to the above, is there any way that i can adjust final ratio settings and things? We ran a race at the V8 version of Abu Dhabi that ran with a 3.7 final ratio which topped out about 200m from the backstraight chicane. I assumed i would be able to go through the upgrades window and install a different diff ratio or set it to adjustable, but this didnt work.

    Thanks in advance,
    Steve Pearce
  2. um for fvrfactor's Hamilton is that the wip 7 and if so it might be in the track config file but if you download the latest wip8 then it will have the option to run both tyres and for final ratio speeds if it's locked the best thing to do is to go to garage setup then basic setup and there will be gears or speed and you can either have as acceleration or more speed....Hope this helps...
  3. The WIP7 of hamilton does not have a tyre limitation (as far as I can remember) Tyres are usually limited by the mod in question. As the current V8FU is based on 2010, the track config file will govern tyre choice per round. In 2010 the Hamilton track only allowed controls to be used. The sprints were introduced in 2011 (so may not be included in the mod trackconfig file)

    You may have to look at editing this trackconfig file (or maybe remove it or rename it to .bak). The mod trackconfig file is designed to automatically load the correct tyres, diffs etc for each track in question (in the case of most V8 supercar mods, these would mainly be the current V8 series tracks :wink:) This trackconfig file will overrule any upgrades installed for the particular tracks that it covers
  4. I didnt know there was a WIP8? Yeh the version i have and we plan on using is WIP7. That makes sense though, thanks for clearing that up.

    Thanks also for pointing out the trackconfig file, i'd been looking for that :p I have some queries though about how it is used.

    It appears that there are;

    Fuel Filler Side=0
    Fuel Cell=1

    So 0 on the diff allows drivers to pick, 1 = 3.7 etc. Fuel filler side is obvious i guess. Does Fuel Cell specify what type of tank there is? If so, what is what, does 1 force 75L and 2 force 120L, whilst 0 lets the user use whatever is in the upgrades window? Tyres is obvious again. What are Version and Wheels referring to. Are there any other parameters?

    Also on the above, if youve not got adjustable diff set in the upgrades for the vehicle for example, and the diff setting is at 0, will you still be able to adjust it? Similarly with fuel, if its set to 0 which i guess means any tank is acceptable, will you need to install the 120L tank to get to use it at the track?

    Is there a manual or anything for this? I had a brief google search but didnt see anything obvious!
  5. Yeah you can customise this file and yeah for the most part 0 is disabled. Your easiest option though is to simply rename it from .ini to .bak

    This will disable its effects (and everyone on the server and the server itself will have to do the same). There is not really a huge amount of literature on this file but it is really helpful for people who want to run an accurate 2010 season championship, but it is not essential for the mod to work correctly. If you rename it, then the vehicle upgrades will once again be active for the mod and the server. The actual figures that are there are dependant on what values are what in the .hdv file for the mod (you will see that the trackconfig has sections that relate to files that it can control)

    Hope this makes it clearer and helps a little
  6. Clear as mud ;)

    OK, il keep that in mind. Thanks very much :)