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spectator textures from GB Xpack

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Nobby76, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys..

    Im having a little issue with textures during export of my track to Rfactor... wonder if someone could shed some light on this for me please....

    Ive been making a track in BTBpro and ive hit a problem. ive also noticed this with other tracks i DL before i started using BTBpro.

    In btb i can load up the GB xpack and add spectators just fine and dandy they show up and look great like this...

    But every time i export the track to Rfactor all the spectators end up looking like this....

    Now i know this is gonna be related to a texture getting messed up some where. but i just cant figure which one. i know during export when the textures get converted to DDS it just takes the images name and uses it for the DDS . so Tree5.jpg ( in the Xpack ) will become tree5.DDS in the tracks folder. but the spectators use MAP1.jpg ( or possible MAP0.jpg ) but when i look in the exported folder there is no DDS texture with the name MAPxx.DDS. which would suggest its using a different texture for them in the track folder. As i said i know this isnt just me having issues as i have seen the same thing happened on other tracks i downloaded before i even had BTB.

    I also had issues with the smes Xpack ( i couldn't get any brick textures to work ) but i got around that by using a texture from a different Xpack ( as i read the smes pack was a bit... wonky )

    So in short anyone know how to fix those spectator textures so they show up properly in the game??

    Cheers in advance ... Nobby
  2. hi,

    I had no problem with the items you listed.
    Maybe your rfactor does not work in an optimal config-level DX, it runs on DX9?

    @ +
  3. it will run any direct X i can throw at it. i own a Nvidia 8800gts . which can handle up to DX 10. plus i run Rfactor with most things turned on full.. If it was a DX rendering issue surely it would mess up all textures not just 1 specific texture. As i said before this used to happen on other users tracks i DL before i had BTB ( and when i used to run an nvidia7600 which was also a DX9 card )
    After some poking around ive found out the actual texture for all the spectators is called LIDI3D.DDS. i tried an experiment... I exported a very basic track with a couple of spectators on it, as a direct X model and the textures matched up perfectly, and after examining the outcome from Rfactor it looks like its using messed up UV co-ord info as it only seems to be using part of the DDS....


    Heres a smaller version of the dds ( in jpg form ) it looks like its only using the top row of textures. because you can see the creme, red and sky blue all present in the picture in the previous post. and none of the spectators seem to use the section of texture that has the faces. so it looks like its rendering the texture wrong in the game. but if it was rending things wrong why does it ONLY do it to those objects and nothing else? and if i try it without spectators it doesn't choose a different texture to mess up.. it only ever messes those up. very odd indeed...

    Additional Edit. I realised i was running the config to use AUTO mode, so ivejust tried running it specifically in DX9 mode ( which did nothing ) then i also tried DX 8 and 7 modes which also made no difference..
  4. Hi,

    try to set in rfactor under settings-display all the details to high.
  5. I have the exact same problem, I was gonna post it tonight...
  6. @ Gerda 3..

    Cheers dude you was able to point me in the right direction.... @Senna4ever. You will be pleased to know there is an answer :biggrin:

    I turned up everything to high, like you suggested, which made it better but not perfect, so i turned everything up FULL which worked perfectly, so i then tested each setting, turning 1 down at a time. its the TEXTURE DETAIL setting that has to be set to FULL.

    Which thinking about it makes perfect sense. coz the textures look kinda smudged or.. expanded. which they are being, its averaging out the colours for a certain area of the texture so instead of having blue with detail on it, we are just getting a smudged block of blue..
    So yeah Senna just set your TEXTURE DETAIL to FULL and the spectators should look normal.

    And now i ramped everything up to full the details on the track look great. i wonder why i only had them set on medium before. seeing as i have the minerals to run it full spec what with the 8800. Im gonna leave all the other settings on full too now..

    Thanks Gerda 3 for pointing me in the right direction for fixing this. was such a pain in the backside..
  7. Im with the same problem, but in high detail, no way to fix that bug
  8. i had to set it to FULL not high. on high it looked better but still wasnt right.. and yeah it is the texture detail that oyu need to change, ive done some checking i can reproduce the exact same effect in a 3d app if i mess with the texture quality i nthe materials editor. so that IS whats causing the problem.

    At least for me anyway. if your textures for the spectators look the same then it will be the same problem for you.
  9. Thanx a lot for narrowing down the options!! Will try that in a couple of hours.
    I don't know if I can run all the details in FULL though, since I only have the stock video card on a fairly new, but cheap PC.
    I'll try with the texture details, I thought my track wasn't finished just because of this! :redface:
  10. yeah texture detail shouldn't put TOO much strain on your system. if your other settings ( such as ) circuit detail etc are set lower. as the 3d objects will generally use more processing power than textures ( esp the track as thats usually made of loads of polygons )
  11. Turns out my texture levels were set to full already.
    The problem now is that ever since I first exported my track after adding objects from the Great britain XPack, when I try to load the track, it crashes rFactor :frown:
  12. hmm, this is weird, I just opened the dds and saw they have no mipmaps and that the size is 768x512. Which can only mean that rfactor is using the extra 256 pixels in the dds as a mipmap, which explains why it is turning out like that on lower settings. The only way to fix this without going into major detail and remapping everything is to resize the texture and stetch it out to 512x512 and to do that properly you'd have to ask permission from jay_p_666. But remember, this xpack is intended for RBR and not rFactor.
  13. nvrmd I should read the whole thing and not post this late at night.