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Misc Special Event with AI 1.0

import new event IA BETA ;My file is editable

  1. Portailler submitted a new resource:

    Mod Spécial événement IA BETA - import new event IA BETA ;My file is editable

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  2. I am having a lot of fun with those events!
  3. Better than hotlapping Tx
  4. sorry for offtopic but with CPU 2500K and 660TI when i try run game with AI game is lagging...
  5. Does IA really stop once he's overtaken, or is he supposed to catch up?
  6. Just simulating multiplayer ==> IA rage quit :D
  7. I'm sorry, what do you mean? What is 'IA rage quit'?
  8. Just a (french?) joke ?


    Rage Quit, also seen as RageQuit in one word, is Internet slang commonly used to describe the act of suddenly quitting a game or chatroom after either an argument, extreme frustration, or loss of the game.

    The use of that slang is as old as IRC and chatrooms. The earliest Urban Dictionary[1] definition of “Ragequit” became available on March 28th, 2005. However, nobody can be certain exactly when “Ragequit” was first coined. The entry describes “ragequitting” in the context of online gaming:

    To stop playing a game out of an anger towards an event that transpired within the game.

    ProRanDom kills NSPlayer with swipe
    NSPlayer: F$#k! hacker!
    NSPlayer has left the server
    ProRanDom: haha RAGEQUIT!
  9. Hehe, IA got pissed. lol :)

    Going back, was it designed for the IA to stop or catch up?
  10. For now, IA stop is an issue.
    Waiting for friday 17... lot of improvment coming.