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Spam Thread (1)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sven De Nys, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. Hi, I've just found a site where you can search for your old school friends. It is called http://www.schoolbord.be. When you register you only have to select the schools you've been to, and you can search for some friends who were also in that school.

    I did find some friends of mine by the site ! :)
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  3. Want something special for your kid?

    www.mini-me.be is a new Belgian webstore which sales Punk/Rock clothes for children. This is the first store which does these things. They also have clothing of your favorite (rock)band (maybe not ALL bands)...

    Payment is very easy (bought something myself), and for the students or non-credit-card-owners, there is also an option to pay by bank transfer or Bancontact.
  4. great site.there are a lot of nice things :D
  5. Testing Avatar

    Just testing my Avatar.
  6. Bram

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    lol could you please make them a bit smaller (not the boobs) max 100x75...use www.imageshack.us
  7. lol, it's, it's, it's.... MOVING! and b... b... b... BIG! :)

    Don't you feel M@rcu5, that everyone will be a little disctracted while reading your posts? ;) But for me it's cool, even when I won't know what I'm reading and will loose focus all the time :)
  8. Haha, nice one M@rcu5 :D
  9. Ok i will shrink them. no no no not the boobs but the avatar. But thy will still hypnotize you. lol.
  10. ok i shrank my avatar but now i dont think the effect is as good. to keep the proportions right i had to go 58 high by 75 wide. i want it bigger again.
  11. i've just noticed something.you wanted me to shrink my avatar but pureownage has his set at 142 wide x 94 high, and you yourself stig is 100 wide x 87 high. thats not fair!!!
  12. hmm actually I don't see any avatar of you M@rcu... :?
  13. no mr mystic its of you, your the right tit!!!! lol!!
  14. lol !!! but I meant that I don't see any avatar under your name... just such a white square with red cross in it...

    So I guess you are the left tit then... :p
  15. lol @ mrmystic. every one else can see it. ok mrmystic i'll describe it for you. imagine a nice pair of bouncing boobs!!! there you go you got it! lol
  16. So I'll just imagine those boobies :(
  17. Bram

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    Don't read this topic

  18. lol very funny stig. how you do that. you made me jump. lol.
  19. LOL :D Nice one stig !!!
  20. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah