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Misc Spain - Dynamic Track & New Textures/Lighting 1.0

3D, HD, Awesome Lighting System... Designed for **F1 Simulator Mod** Works in Regular game also

  1. igearzone16 submitted a new resource:

    Sepang, 3D-HD, Dynamic Track, New Textures & Lighting - 3D, HD, Awesome Lighting System... Designed for **F1 Simulator Mod** Works in Regular game also

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  2. [​IMG]
    was that effect intended :confused: (f1 2013) looks so good :thumbsup:
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  3. yeah looks pretty amazing,, not sure what you are asking though.. the tracks have many effects that they never had before, that are driven mostly by the dynamic weather system. each track depends on how many different lighting scenarios I gave them, mostly its between 10 to 16 different scenarios, so you will see 10 to 16 different types of tracks.. make sure you always include the tod.dat and tod.xml with them I put in, you can use them all he way down to f1 2010.. since they are backward compatible..
  4. what i was really asking was, why wasn't that effect used by codemasters?

    great work by the way :thumbsup:
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  5. because they don't know what they are doing, the original game design is by someone else, and codies have no idea how to edit the actual code written by dev tools and the game engine. they only know how to use the software that spits everything out in default mode, which has to be edited. if you notice.. all codies games are in default.
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  6. also if you want to use a better ai, download the f1 2013 classics in career mod and take the ai_config.xml file and give it a try 1st make sure it works better the\n the one you are using now, if not then stick with the one you got.. but I'm pretty sure you will like it more
  7. I was thinking doing the same for the f1 2015 title, and take the game to the level it was ment to be, but I dont think I will, because people get paid 100's of thousands \of dollars to do this type of thing, and codies is too cheap to pay it, So I think I may instead go wiork with the guys on Project cars, or gta
  8. ill give that a try later on

    you would struggle to mod 2015, everything (as im sure you know) is hidden in .erp files and then in .dat files

    thanks again

    edit: i cant find the ai files in the career classics mod
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
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  9. its no big deal, its not to hard to open it, I have the Sony Racing games, game engine, that ego is based on, I'm sure it wouldn't take long to tare it apart. same as project cars, they are hiding stuff from each other, and this is just a guess, but the guy who is now project cars, and i am 99.9% sure based on coding style, he was the one who designed the originakl F1 game, then went off to make his own..ands since codies like to ripp off code, he made the game almost unbreakable, at least from codemasters, since they are not good with actual code in text version in fromnt of them.. just my guess...
  10. thats very interesting :sneaky:

    well good luck :p
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  11. also I think they are a bunch of morons, since modding brings a lot of new content to your game for free, and more people then buy it, look at Doom, they have a whole modding platform, so you can mod away, upload it as soon as you done.. and walla, Doom guys can sit back and enjoy, as the game evolves on its own, and reap the profits at no extra effort. its genius if you use it, like Iracing, and complete retardants if you don't.. Like codemasters and Project cars. Both great games but lacking everything... just look at all the stuff I found in a short period of time., they don't even know it exist in their own game. its almost sad,....
    Also if the game opens the file so can anyone, you just need c++ tare open the main exe file, and look how its opened and processed then plug in the algorithm in a new exe and blow it up lie a nuke
  12. ok I thought I put them in there, I guess I didnt. I will upload the ai in a few to the 2013 game mods, your mod is 2013? correct?
  13. Thanks, it is indeed for 2013 :)
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  14. here are links to the 3 different ai's, the 1st I believe hopefully is a good one, but I haven't tried it in a while I have like 30 versions, so hopefully I picked the right one,, just test it and you will see if you like or not

    these next 2, are already on race dep, from last year, but here are the links anyway..



    dont worry about the databases, just grab the ai_config.xml only, that's all you need...
    test the, hope you like 1 of them, if not, no big deal, but hopefully it helps you out...

  15. Thanks for that :)

    I'm out right now but I'll test them when I get in
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  16. no rush, when ever you get to it. dude, don't stress it,
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  17. Last edited: Aug 6, 2015
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  18. of course I always make it faster and cleaner, otherwise whats the point. just drop down to a lower skill level, to keep up..some guys are really good drivers and used to always complain about the ai being too slow.. so this way there is a level for everyone..
  19. ah ok, i see. fair enough :) thanks for the file too, the mod should be even better now :sneaky:
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