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SPA - Which layout has better FPS?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Will Marquez, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Just curious if anyone knows if there is a difference in FPS on any of the different layouts for SPA?

    I know when the track was first released I was taking a big hit in FPS (normally a steady 83fps and on certain parts of the track it would drop to about 40-50fps) on both the GP and Classic pits. Haven't ran much at SPA since the first couple of weeks. But from what I hear the Endurance layout is a bit better (in terms of FPS) and would be helpfully for those that are not able to get good FPS on the GP layout which we are using for the RD MX-5 season finale. Any feedback?
  2. I think that has been fixed already, I haven't had any problems there lately.
  3. I think the endurance pits s the most optimized version although I saw an update to the track popped up a few days ago ...I'll have to check them again. As of the new build I was getting much better FPS on the endurance pits version.
  4. Thanks William.

    Let me know what you find out with the GP version Paul and if you get better fps than before.