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Spa GP... Who's 'avin a thrash then?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by George Pilkington, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Just went under 1.50 for the first time today, practising for the weekends GP. I wondered who, from RD is going to be entering?
    If your in lets hear from you so we know who to look out for. : )

    If your not, Why not? I'd love to know.

    Yahoo, managed a qualy run under 1.50 too. Phew. only -03 licence drop. (dropped it on a final out lap which was going to be very very close as to getting across the stripe before the session ended, a wheel off the track on the turn in for Blanchement sorted that out...:rolleyes:

    See you there?
  2. sadly work commitments at the mo are such i have not had a race of any kind for a few days and its not gonna give me time i doubt to invest time in practice for the weekend. No setup and no practice makes it worthless even trying
  3. I'll be golfing in Monterey (Yay!) or I would definitely enter. Love the F1 around Spa! :)
  4. Depends on my little friend named "Irene".
  5. Eric - Come on Irene! Sounds like fun either way! : )
    Jack - Noice!
    Nick - I have a 'Lars Stonkin Setup' (that Lars gave out for the RD Spa GP, so I am sure is ok to pass on) for spa that will get you into the 1.50.x area if you would like it. 20 minutes practise and a qualy session is all you need for a fun race where a mistake free run could put you on the podium... perhaps. : )
    Let me know if you would like it.

    Come on, it ll be fun!
  6. Sure George mate, if its a workable setup then i may just be able to enter :)
  7. Great Nick. I'll post it in the setups bit Sir. Lets Race!

    : )
  8. cool cheers mate
  9. I think I'll do it.
  10. Nick, check the set ups section, page 3 for the fw31 set mate.
    Thanks Lars.
  11. cheers bud
  12. Yeah, going to play Poppy Hills and Bayonette. Haven't played either course, but I've heard they are both a challenge with slopes around 138 or so. Worse off the tips. :-0

    I would so like to run the Spa event. That should be classic! I'll watch the archived DWC race at Spa later this week. I assume it's SPA this week... Haven't checked.
  13. Poppy Hills is one of my favorite Monterey courses. Bayonet I still have nightmares about that round of golf lol. Probably THE fastest greens I've ever played on. A tip for playing golf in Monterey, if you didn't know Jack, is to get the Duke membership for a year, then you'll be able to play courses like, Spanish Bay, Spyglass, Pebble Beach and even a hidden gem like Del Monte which was probably my golf bargain for the year ($45 w a cart), for alot cheaper than just heading down there. Enjoy the golf!

    As for the SPA event, with not alot of practice think I'll be watching the real life F1 race instead :)
  14. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Offcourse its free to pass arround, feel free i got it from someone and just changed a few clicks.
    If my project is finisched on time i might enter, doubt it though, had a lazy day yesterday so need to do some catch up :)
  15. Thanks Lars.
    Well, I raced it. Started 18th on a feild of 26. Wow. A bit of carnage in the first few corners, then very clean.
    Was lying 9th at the first stop. Then worked my way up to 7th. So far had 3 smaLL spins at the final chicane...(aint it always there...)
    Burning down to Blanchemant and the stinkin keyboard fell off the mount and alt tabbed me out... 3 blank screens and a motion rig going mad. By the time I had sorted it out I was under tow and in the pits. I had thrown the keyboard so could not stop the 152 lbs of juice going in, so left the pits with about 10 to go with 25 laps of fuel on board... ha ha flippin ha! Finished the race in the 1.53.x laps 13th one lap down.
    Velcro going on today. Picked up 1.2 licence points with 16 inc for the race. Feild strenth 2200 or something.
    Wicked fun. Hope they do Suzuka later in the season.
    hope you all had a nice week end.
    Best regards
  16. Will, same thing happened to us....

    Bayonet kicked my butt up one side and down the other. Shot an 88 from the Blues on Poppy Saturday and felt like Sunday would be better at Bayonet. We made the mistake of playing the blues (137 slope) tees, which are the same slope as our home course. We forgot to buy a yardage book and the day was a nightmare. Bunkers everywhere. Doglegs. Tough greens.

    Bayonet 1, golfers 0. We loved both courses though and will be back soon.