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SPA FSR 2012

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by patrick de wit, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. i must say this track is really bizarre
    its total crap just my 2 cents
  2. Yeah, I completly agree with you Patrick...
    Kerbs are really big and pitboxes are really bugged(i was parked in the middle of garage-infront of me was big wall)
  3. it is somewhat bizarre indeed
  4. The track is a very bad version of Spa yes, but we only 6 days before the race weekend so it's pointless changing stuff now and complaining considering the lack of time we have.
    I did a few laps, once you learned the kerbs it's OKAY to drive, you just have to be-careful running to wide on the kerbs. Pit boxe's need fixing though.
  5. How can you even make yourself present this?
  6. This is not for something serious. Track very bad. the vibrors is extremly bad.
  7. If someone can make a better track, we will change, don't worry. I'm waiting :)
  8. I think its not to bad, fix the car guys for me the only problem is a few of the curbs you dont realy want to run on bacause it sends the car off into the wrong direction.

    What was the reason to go for this version.....is the 2011 track an ilegal version?
  9. Yes it is an ilegal version, Simbin doesn't give permission to use them.
  10. If someone can find you will change, and ur waiting? Didnt you think for about this could be job of adminstations for find something thats good for fsr? But you use anything? Not need for quality, just you want Spa and not care for quality? Its not serious, and the reply you make as well, try look from driver view. And some days before race you change again with things on track so drivers must learn again, and let me gues, le excuse of this "is same for all".. im crying
  11. You will make me cry as well.

    PS: We already looked at all the Spa versions months ago.
  12. You should of be more serious of the drivers!
    They uses lot of time for this, and they get track like this? probaly for short time of the race, will be different version made from this.

    Why does fsr for any cosst need to drive Spa? Is a great track, but this low quality is not worty.

    Is not taking drivers serious to make this presentation of track.

    Is not serious of fsr to give this, we are 2012!! If not minimum standard of quality can be done, then dont do it.. Its no good of leage future.
  13. I can assure you that I've spent x10 more time than you or any other driver here. The calendar was approved by the WC teams, if you don't know (but you should, because your team is in WC as well) they vote such things before the start of the season, as per league statutes.
  14. This is not of talk about you. You can make the use of time 50hour aday if possible.

    Wc calendar vote for what races
    They dont vote for "drive this track nomather how **** quality it is"

    Is this what you telling me they did? cus i deny of thinking this.

    You is not talking on the point of this post, you should read better what people wrtite. The track is extreme worst conditions.

    You are not understand what peole write, is not about how much time you use. Is not about what races wc teams is for chosin

    Is about this track you and other chose is very bad, i cant see why you are saying you dont understand this? its should be clear for now, no?
  15. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    To be honest David, this is the top of the worst season i have ever driven in FSR. And i have done 3 years. I dont care about the quality of the track but you had 5 month of times to find a good solution for everyone. A useful one. I can understand it if you say you just want to use legal track version but i dont think every conversations of Spa are illegal. If SimBim would have a problem that we (SimRacing Leagues) use its track, they would have contact the builder of the track to get it offline. But they havent done it so it isnt a problem at all. And it wasnt a problem in the past years to use the up to date track so why should it be now? There are several track out there which are used in hundreds leagues out there but why the hell are you choose this kind of track? Which conversation is it? The track is looking so bad that i guess there will be problems during the race concerning Start or Pitstops.

    Just an example is the braking point for Turn 1. On every corner it is ok to brake right before the 100 metre board but not in turn one. There you have to brake 170 metre before the corner.

    Next example is the stupid pillar in the pit. Doesnt look like a good conversation. Have someone every tested this track on race condition outside of FSR?

    At the end it is your decision whether we will use it or not. But you will not make a good deal with it. Preferably change it now than on wednesday. And dont say "we are short on time". You give a sync update right before the race over about 250 MB with changed stuff at and on the track.
  16. I don't think the track is crap in any means, just many of the kerbs are a nightmare. It sucks how you get sucked by going a centimeter too deep into some. Also there's a random bump middle of the track right after eau rouge which doesn't suck driving alone but if you're behind someone it kills your momentum.

    I also experienced the pillar issue in pits. That sucks :/
  17. T_C-FSR

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    it's totally crap, please do something about it before wednesday the kerbs are terrible, and the bumps on the middle of track after eau rouge is more crap, very bad conversion if u ask me.
  18. I can't talk about the past, now it's me who has the responsability to decide such things and that's the way choosen. Not only by me but also by RaceDepartment, who doesn't allow the use of illegal versions. Months ago I contacted Simbin and they don't want to give permission, it's as simple as that.

    No I didn't. But anyway, that track update only changed visual stuff. I didn't see any driver struggling in race, all went fine. Which is obvious because it was the same track.
  19. T_C-FSR

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    well, FSR can step over to another forum or make a forum by themself which is quite simple :D
  20. I'm fine with the track if there's a way to fix those kerbs. Also there are couple of corners on s2 which are pretty weird, especially turn 11 after the hairpin is somehow weird. If you try to get a good line from outside it kind of sucks your car and you go wide. o_O But i have no idea how you guys make changes to these tracks so i keep my fingers crossed that its something that's doable.