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Tracks Spa Francorchamps Karting 2015-09-30

Spa Francorchamps Karting Circuit For SCEx (Rfactor Conversion)

  1. Bruka

    Premium Member

    How Do I Install this mod? Sorry new to SCE.
  2. No problem my friend.

    I'll show you
    If you have the Steam version of SCE, go to the Steam folder

    (Where to find to folder V)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stock Car Extreme\GameData\Locations

    Simply unzip the file to the Locations folder, Start up SCE and have fun.

    Feel free to ask more if you still don't know how to install them
  3. Bruka

    Premium Member

    I will try it right now, Thank you.
  4. Bruka

    Premium Member

    Worked like a charm, Thanks Gilles.
  5. No problem my kart loving friend (atleast i assume that you're a kart lover because of your Intrepid pic ) ;)
  6. Nice track! Never had this track in rF1...Thank you Gilles! And Hi to Bruka (my GSE karting friend:thumbsup:)
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