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Spécial New RealCockpit CAM

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by dyplan1, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. 3 Cam Cockpit (3 differents positions )

    - Total News effects and news sensations (very real)

    - Mod for Mclaren,

    -Correction bug view garage and replay

    Spécial New RealCockpit CAM
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  2. pictures?
  3. Video Or Picture
  4. gracias
  5. I'm looking a real cockpit view so a picture would be very good ;)
  6. Will waiting for a preview...
  7. Hello all
    I have test your mod :thumbsup:

    I have bug view garage and crash return of windows 7:(
  8. Your mod could be realistic, there is only one big flaw. The first is that the car really jumps too, the real car does not jump as much. As a result there is a bug in the garage, it is random, not all the time, but occasionally it happens, I see, I think, a piece of pilot's headset.

    Realistic view pilot F1 : http://www.wat.tv/video/f1-dans-oeil-pilote-vue-unique-4cgaf_2flv9_.html

    Thank for Mod.
  9. So this is rubbish then.
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  11. have the issues that were reported been solved and can it be used for other cars also?
  12. Thank you for the comments. in a future version, I will consider.
    To return windows during idle, I do not know yet.
    the problem for garage, I detected the cam that does this. This is the view of the whole car because my dan mod can go in the garage with all cameras.
    Sorry for my bad english, I'm french
    I fix all of the problems, I would do cam for other cars.
  13. oui, cependant les cam ont été reglées sur la McLaren
  14. yes, however the cam were resolved on McLaren
  15. Super boulot Dyplan, j'attend avec impatience les vues pour les autres écuries...
    Juste une petite critique, je trouve le trésautement et un peu trop accentué.
    Bravo !;)
    Great job(work) Dyplan, me looks forward to the views(sights) for the other teams...
    Just a small criticism, I find the trésautement and a little too much stressed.
  16. Very realistic, once the bugs gone I'll take this fantastic view. :thumbsup:

    Super réaliste cette vue, sans doute la meilleure de toute, ce sera juste une histoire d'habitude en suite. Une fois le bug camera garage résolut, je vais l'adopter tout le temps.

    A oui je suis Français aussi.
  17. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    S'il te plait, continuer en Anglais. Comme j'ai deja dit, RD.com est une site multinationale et nombreux de nos membres ne parlons pas Francais. C'est pas important si tu parle Anglais bien mais Francais n'est pas permis sur RD.com.


    Please, continue in English. Like I previously said, RD.com is a multinational website and many of our members don't speak French. It's not important if you're speaking English well but French isn't allowed on RD.com.

  18. CHAMPAGNE pour tout le monde (Tom, Daldryk et surtout Dyplan !!!!! :thumbsup:
  19. Wow this looks pretty good
    A little bit backside and 15cm higher and it is like the eye level camera video from lucas di grassi

  20. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    strange taste.
    way to much lean and to much up and down on the springs.
    if you chop all yoru effects by 1/6th it would be a start,
    You need to remove the tilt.
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