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South African Bob's Track Builders ? Want to form a small club

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Paul Minnaar, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Hi guys. Sometimes I find relying solely on the forum a bit frustrating as answers are not always forthcoming and can be difficult to find.

    As much as I enjoy this forum, are there any clubs where guys actually meet to exchange ideas and techniques, specifically in South Africa. I'm not sure how many BTB users are in SA.

    I'd like to hook up if there are any.

  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    The same here, a Dutch club would be good too, making it easier to explain problems and answers in Dutch.
  3. As for SA: Wasn't the majority of SA tracks already built for rF/GTR2?

    Kyalami 79/modern, Aldo Scribante, there's an East London conversion out there somewhere (needs work tho), Durban city (unreleased but built), Roy Hesketh in the works I guess

    As for Dutch: Apart from Assen and Zandvoort (both available in old and new configurations), what else is there?
    We don't have any other real circuits, only temporary ones I guess. (Working on a few of those though, got a working alpha of Zandy39 in BTB for instance). Fantasy tracks are nice, but just not quite as 'real' in a sim.

    If anyone would want to have a go on recreating some lost Dutch tracks though, I'd recommend www.wegcircuits.nl. (See the Photo Laps section.) I've got Kaatsheuvel and Voerendaal in mind, as well as a few others.
  4. SA track builders

    Howzit Paul - not very many South Africans around here :)

    Try maybe over at the South African Racing League.


    One has to register in order to view the forum. We had a guy who started with Midvaal and Zwartkops for rfactor, but he kinda ran out of inspiration or motivation after a while unfortunately. I'm not aware of anyone local doing any track building atm, but who knows?
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the responses.

    It is because of the lack of interest in the SA community that I have become a proactive contributor. I am the man currently building Roy Hesketh, it is around 80% complete, will be posting a WIP tomorrow, its looking and feeling fab.

    Not many of our great circuits have had any attention, this is why I feel its my duty, as one of the only track builders doing anything about it from South Africa. Zwartkops, Killarney, Aldo etc. will also be getting the treatment, I just wish I could do it as a team.
  6. Yeah Phakisa (old Welkom circuit) has been available for a while now.

    Tantra really build amazing tracks, thanks man
  7. Also noticed a nice looking build of Kyalami 1992 (without the chicane) at F1C, mentioned above.
  8. Hi,

    I am currently building a Midvaal track and any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you are still keen.
  9. Yip I'm always keen, I'm busy working on Zwartkops & Grand Central, but have to finish Roy Hesketh properly first. What I'm looking for is to meet up and discuss techniques if possible.
  10. Please let me know when your finished with Zwartkops I would love to drive it :)
  11. Hi Cake - still a way to go on that circuit, but it is going to be awesome when done !
  12. Midvaal

    I am almost done with Midvaal Raceway, if anyone is keen to test it out let me know and I can upload it somewhere.
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  13. Hey Fellow South Africans, I can help test if needed.
    I play race 07, own rFactor (haven't played in a while).
    rFactor 2 Beta
    Project CARS pre-alpha
    I use my trusty old MOMO racing force wheel.
    Currently involved in a race 07 league (Twisted Racing).

    As for SARL, it's dead, I registered a few months ago, and still waiting for my acceptance email and last time I checked, there was no new news. So that's why I joined a non South African League.
  14. Anyone got download links to South africa tracks??

    And if there are any modders who want to create Killarney I will be will to do all images around circuit and video drives around the circuit and post it so we can create an awesome track, I know there is a version out but there is no camber on corners
  15. Have any of these RSA tracks been released yet? :) Anyone up to do a conversion to rf2/GSC2012 if they are?
  16. hi guys,

    i started on a killarney build in dec. i went to the track and took over 1000 photos to try and get the layout corect (cambers; elevations; ect). i have send it to a friend (actual racer of the track) to test it for accuratecy - still waiting for his comments. i can share this rough beginning of the surface to you if you know the track. all the surrounding buildings are also in a "database" of 100's of photos.
    the project is still a long way to go, but till i can get confirmation that surface elevations and cambers are it is on hold.
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