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Sounds Soundfix for Kutch 2KSL 1.0

temporary sound fix for Bobskype,s Kutch 2KSL

  1. MeMyselfAndI submitted a new resource:

    Soundfix for Kutch 2KSL - temporary sound fix for Bobskype,s Kutch 2KSL

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  2. can anyone help me? I have no audio on cars that I downloaded from this site.
    Sorry for my bad English
  3. Sounds on the vast majority of mod cars (without a fix) don't work due to the new sound engine Fmod.
  4. has a solution, it happens to most people or just some?
  5. Happens to all!! the Mod cars needs new FMOD sounds - FMOD was just added to the game days ago!
    it mite take an while before they start to surface! I made this borrowing sounds from Kunos cars!
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