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sound ...

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by dyllenger, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. ok my sound problem .. I DO have sound .. but it comes through my tv .. I play on a tv with my pc hooked up to it VIA hdmi. and I use speakers for sound .. I don't like my tvs sound . so Is there anyway I could make it come through my speakers like it should . ?
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  2. If you are using W7, you should disable the HDMI sound output, right click on the taskbar speaker, near the clock, then "Volume control options" and you can uncheck the HDMI device to avoid this ;)
  3. now I get no sound ? it only comes through the tv and not my speakers .. there not broken I use them for everthing else .. this is the only thing that did this .. :(
  4. If you're using Racer version 0.9.0 RC10, check the last few posts in the release thread on the main page for tips on how to get audio output working in that beta.
  5. ya I don't no what I got I forget lol . ill check on there tho might help
  6. I run on windows 8 to if that's a problem ..
  7. ya rc8 works but not 10 for sound . I cant find the post where it shows that can you link ?
  8. nvm I see it . but how do I open consle ? f9 ??
    I did f9 typed it in and enter nothing happened ?
  9. You can open the console with Shift+button left from 1 (in the standard QUERTY layout this would be a tilde ~).
  10. allright awesome guys thanks for the help , so for anyone else needs help with this ..

    1: go in to a game
    2: press shift and ` (key next to 1)
    3: type " audiodrivers " then it will pop up with all the audio inputs / out puts
    4: pick the one you want it to use. for me it was 0 instead of 1.
    5: close game go in to racer's folder find racer.ini , open racer.ini with note pad or notepad ++
    6: look for audio.drivers press shift+f and type in audio if your to lazy to look for it . then when found switch the number out with the one you want it as , then save as racer.ini
    7: enjoy the game with your new audio output :D